We have our only and tiny allocation of 2021 Michel Thomas Sancerre. The 2021 vintage was hit by frost, mildew, and hail storms, it was a mess. What made it through produced excellent wine, but production is down by up to 92% with some producers. To help ensure our customers have Sancerre over the next year, we loaded up on 2020 and ordered all we could of the 2021 vintage. It won’t be enough, but it is better than none!

This wine has been overlooked in our portfolio for some time now. Reason being is that each year we get less and less of it and what we do receive normally sells out before we have a chance to send an email out.

The estate has been in the Thomas family since 1946. They have a fairly small production and the major problem is that other countries besides the USA have discovered this lovely Sancerre. Nearly 75 percent of their volume is exported to other markets. Then you have to take into account the amount that is consumed locally, another 20 percent! Leaving the rest to us a meager 5 percent to work with.

However, for now we have some in stock so grab it while it last. It is a perfect wine to start off a summer evening with.

Tasting Notes:
The nose is filled with green apple, lemon , and hints of wet stone. The straw colored juice is full of tightly wound citrus flavors with hints of honey and flint. A little air allows the citrus to open up and reveal more flavors of peach, apricot, and watermelon. A juicy and satisfying finish backed by some zesty acidity.

Drink this one over the next 2 or 3 years. Some like them older, but to me fresh and crisp is best with Sancerre.

Remember, we will store your wine all summer or winter long if needed, free of charge when it is too cold or hot to ship in your area, our area, or anywhere in between! 

We also offer, for a small fee, HEATING PACKS to all states & COOLING PACKS to most states on the checkout page to allow shipping at anytime.

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