Hello folks

I am happy to say for at least now the plan is still to hold all of the rest of our races this year! Yay! Obviously that could change but for now we are still moving forward with all of our preparations. For those of you wondering when you can register for one of our races we'll be getting that going soon. Stay tuned for another email about that in the coming weeks.

Our first race this year, will be the Sun Mountain 50M/50K/25K about one month from now (May 22 & 23). At this time we have quite a few runners on the entrants list who already rolled over their entries from 2020. Depending on how many of them are still planning to run this year we may have some space available for new entrants, we'll keep you posted if we'll be opening up registration for any of the Sun Mountain race distances.

Sun Mountain runners who chose to rollover from 2020 please check the entrants list to make sure we have you on the list.

Any runner, from Sun Mountain or any of our other races cancelled by COVID, who initially chose to rollover to 2021 can change their preferred option here if you want to for any reason.

We've updated the Sun Mountain 50M/50K/25k page on our website with all the important details for this year including the course changes, timeline, COVID precautions, etc.

We'll update the rest of our race pages soon...

And last but not least we have volunteer opportunities available for all of our races but we are specifically looking for folks to help at Sun Mountain at this time. Please email us if interested it could be a great opportunity for those running the race one day, you can volunteer the other day. Get in a race and earn some karma all in one weekend!
Thanks so much, take care of each other out there and we hope to see you soon!