April 2020
Submit a Pre-Proposal by April 21 !

Got an idea for a new 2021 ITRC team? ITRC is now accepting pre-proposal submissions that will address the most pressing environmental issues while advancing innovative technologies and best practices.

A pre-proposal is a one-page submission and is the first step in the 2021 Project Proposal Process. You do not need to be a member of ITRC to submit a proposal. We encourage pre-proposal submissions from all environmental and public health professionals!
Strategies for Addressing Environmental Impacts of Pandemics

In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, ITRC has identified a new need for state guidance on addressing the environmental impacts of pandemics. This could include best practices for wastewater treatment plants during public health crises, addressing an increase in disposal of medical waste (including personal protective equipment from hospital and domestic users), as well as emergency remediation strategies and technologies.

More Information:
Pre-proposals are due electronically to ITRC Director Patty Reyes at preyes@ecos.org by Tuesday, April 21, 2020 . Proposers are reminded to review the evaluation criteria and present a pre-proposal that is technical in nature, not policy-oriented, nor a research or demonstration project. All
pre-proposals must use the pre-proposal template . Questions should also be addressed to Patty Reyes at preyes@ecos.org .

NOTE: ITRC will not provide funding or grants directly to proposers.

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