2021 USA Powerlifting Full Send Invitational
Hello athletes! We are less than 2 weeks out from the Full Send Invitational! Please read the information below. We have finalized the roster and included Live Stream & Parking information, as well as a reminder to bring a singlet and knee high socks!
Please disregard previous Parking Map

To allow F3 Fitness's neighboring businesses to have adequate parking for customers, please park on the left or right sides of the building, shown in GREEN. Do not park in the RED areas. Please ask your friends and family to do the same.
Final Roster & Weigh-In Order

The roster has been finalized! Some athletes have been moved to different sessions or flights, so please double check the roster. These assignments are final and will not change.

View the roster below for your flight assignments and order of weigh-ins. Weigh-ins will start at 6:00am for Session 1 and 12:00pm for Session 2. Your name will be called in the order shown in this roster, sorted by Lot Number. If you miss your turn, you will be moved to the bottom of the list. There are no exceptions.
Live Stream

Make sure to tell your friends and family to tune in to the live stream on YouTube! Use the link below or spread the word to go to Calloso Powerlifting's YouTube channel.
Approved Equipment & Technical Rules

For this event, you MUST wear the following:
  • Singlet
  • Crew Neck T-shirt
  • Long socks for the deadlift (must come up to the knee below the patella)
  • Optional equipment: knee sleeves, wrist wraps, bel

This event will follow the USA Powerlifting Technical Rules. As an athlete, it is your responsibility to learn the technical rules of competition and ensure that your equipment is approved. This also includes following anti-doping/drug testing guidelines. Because this is not a national event, it is not required to have IPF Approved equipment. However, your equipment must follow the specifications in the rulebook. Click below for more information on USA Powerlifting Rules and Bylaws.

As of this time, there will be no equipment check, as a part of our COVID-19 safety protocol. If you are not absolutely certain that your equipment is approved, please send photos to gina.hensley@calloso.com to confirm. This will prevent you from having a potentially embarrassing experience on the platform.
Please only attend the session you are lifting in. If you are lifting in session 2, please do not arrive before 11:30am. Weigh Ins will start promptly at 6:00am and 12:00pm. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be moved to the bottom of the list.
April 17 (SATURDAY):
Session 1
5:30am - Doors Open
6:00am SHARP – Weigh-Ins (in assigned order by lot number)
5:30am-7:30am – Check-In & Rack Heights
7:30am – Rules Meeting
8:00am – Lifting Begins
1:00pm - Awards Ceremony

Session 2
11:30am - Doors Open
12:00pm SHARP - Weigh-Ins (in assigned order by lot number)
11:30am-1:30pm - Check-In & Rack Heights
1:30pm - Rules Meeting
2:00pm - Lifting Begins
7:00pm - Awards Ceremony
The 2021 USA Powerlifting Full Send Invitational will be held at F3 Fitness. Please see below for the address and directions to the venue.

F3 Fitness
23250 Van Born Rd.
Dearborn Heights, MI 48125
Please wear a mask (or face shield!)

This event will follow COVID-19 procedures provided by the USA Powerlifting National Office. These rules must be followed in order to host sanctioned events. Until further notice, the mask usage policy is as follows:

All participants for this event MUST wear a mask at all times. No exceptions will be made for those with underlying health conditions. You are responsible for bringing your own mask. Coaches and spectators also must bring and wear their own masks. Your mask must:
  • Fully cover your mouth AND NOSE
  • Fit snugly on your face, showing no gaps
Other mask information:
  • Your mask must not be shared with anyone else
  • Your mask can be secured (with tape) so that it does not slide into your eyes
  • Face Shields are also permitted so long as they cover the entire face
  • Cloth masks and even large headbands can be used if they follow the above guidelines
NOTE: If you are not comfortable with wearing a mask or face shield on meet day, please email me at gina.hensley@calloso.com to request a meet credit for a later date. No refunds will be given, as these rules are clearly stated on the event website.
COVID Health Screening Form

As we strive to continue running competitions that provide safe environments that minimize COVID exposure risks, we are now requiring everyone in a USA Powerlifting venue to complete a quick Health Screening Form no more than 24 hours prior to entering the venue.
Upon submission, you will receive both a confirmation screen and email.  The confirmation will need to shown to the event staff as you enter the venue. Anyone without a score of 100 or greater is not allowed to enter the venue.

Click the link below or scan the QR code to access the form. 

Thank you in advance for your help in making our platforms the safest possible during these challenging times.
First Time Lifter?

If this is your first time competing with USA Powerlifting, please visit our First Meet Tips webpage. You will learn what to expect and what to bring. Be sure to have your t-shirt, singlet, and knee high socks!

In order to keep capacity limits low, each lifter will be able to bring along no more than 2 people with them. This includes your coach/handler. If you are registered in a Youth or Teen division, you may bring 3 people (including coach).

To ensure that each person is counted for, both spectators and coaches will pay the entry fee of $10, which will go to F3 Fitness. Please do not stay for the 2nd session if you are lifting in the 1st, unless you have paid the spectator or coach fee. Awards will be held at the end of each session.

I would love to have your entire family come, but it is simply not safe nor lawful to have hundreds of people in the building at this time. We are lucky to be able to host this event, given the current COVID guidelines issued by the state. It has been an ongoing struggle to host powerlifting events during this pandemic, so your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Please have your coach or spectators fill out the COVID Health Screening Form below within 24 hours of the event. Admittance will not be allowed without a screening form confirmation.
Weight Class Changes & Withdrawals

Note: If you do not make weight on meet day, you will not be disqualified. You will be moved to the next weight class up.

If you need to change your weight class or division before the meet, please do so by sending me an email. Flights have been finalized, so your weight class change will not affect the time you compete. I cannot confirm that you will be in the same flight as your competitors if you change weight classes.

If you would like to transfer to another event or withdraw from the meet, you can also send me an email. If you are uncomfortable with following the social distancing guidelines, I recommend taking a meet credit for an event in the future when these guidelines are no longer in place. Please keep in mind that absolutely no refunds will be issued so long as this event is not cancelled.
Meet Day Photo Packages

Chloe Amanda Photography will be snapping photos of your most intense moments! For more information about photo packages, reach out to Chloe directly. You must inquire before the event.
Volunteer Opportunities

One of the hardest parts of organizing a meet is finding enough referees. By becoming a state referee, you will definitely become a better lifter once you see a competition from the other side of the platform.

Another great way to give back to your sport is by working as a table scorer or a spotter/loader. Our spotting/loading team takes pride in their work, because they make the meet run efficiently all while cheering on the lifters!

There will be approximately 8 meets this year. Since you won't be able to compete in all of them, why not volunteer at some as well?

All volunteers will receive either a stipend or a Calloso meet credit for each event that they volunteer. With a meet credit, you can be registered for any event before it opens to the public. Please reach out to me to take the next steps toward becoming a referee, scorer, or spotter/loader!
That's all for now athletes! Stay tuned...
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