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“The pandemic is in retreat.” That was in the New York Times Morning Report on February 11. While the number of infections and deaths are still high, the trends are going in the right direction around the world. And as vaccinations are surpassing the number of infections, the return to normalcy is on the horizon.

A question we all want the answer to: Will WSER happen in 2021?

With less than 400 runners spread out over 100 miles, we are not like bigger events with thousands of participants. Crews, volunteers, and spectators make up the bulk of the people involved with the event and those are also generally spread out over a very large area. Our start and finish lines, pre-race briefing, aid stations, and crew shuttle busses are areas we expect to have to modify. While California still has pretty onerous restrictions on special events, we believe as the numbers continue to improve that events will be permitted. While the crux in terms of being able to hold the race will be permitting from the state of California, we believe we can conduct a safe event and are proceeding as though restrictions will ease and the race will be allowed to happen. We have come up with myriad COVID-19 mitigation plans and strategies that we will be ready to implement depending on how things are at the end of June. We will continue to update you as we get more clarity.

Bib Assignments and General Information

Bib assignments for 2021 have been made. See the entrants list on our website. With your bib number, please go to the general information form and provide interesting content about yourself so Tropical John Medinger will have something to say about you as you run the last 250 meters around the track at Placer High School. You can update this at anytime.

2021 Registration Questions and Waiver

As I mentioned in the first update, if you are a rolled-over entrant from 2020 you should have received an email from ultrasignup requesting that you answer the new questions for the 2021 race. If that email did not land in your inbox please look in your spam folder, or log into your ultrasignup account, choose Registration History, click on the confirmation number for WS 2021 then choose edit to answer the new questions. This will also help us give you the right size sponsor swag.

International Runners

If you are traveling from overseas we realize there may be travel restrictions. Please help us gather information by filling out this survey by March 1.

Stay hopeful, stay safe and keep training.

Craig Thornley
Race Director