Masters Athlete, please join athletes from around the world for the
2021 Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge
26 June through 11 July

The Spirit, Camaraderie and the Competition
The photo of José Ángel Salguero Tencio, CRC, M65 running 200m in the streets of Costa Rica in last year's Worldwide Virtual Masters Challenge epitomizes the lengths many had to go through to compete. The WMA article (click here) on this and last year's Challenges has more stories of overcoming obstacles to compete. Athletes from 61 countries participated last year. Run in a street, throw in your yard, jump on a tennis court or compete in an actual competition (all done last year) - your performances can count for this virtual World Championship!

Athletes are encouraged to make this special for themselves and other athletes around the world. For some, this will be the only chance to compete at a World Championship. Bring your country's flag, wear your national singlet, share on social media, or not, it is up to you.

Special for All
Last year, sponsors, including MastersRankings, provided crystal trophies and medals for special awards. The Challenge Team made diplomas for everyone. WMA President, Margit Jungman, sent congratulatory emails to each participant.

Special awards will be given this year too. The Challenges Team will work with sponsors, WMA and MastersRankings to select athletes and administrators worthy of recognition. Anyone can win!
Almost everyone can participate
You can participate if you can compete safely! The rules account for these Share the name of the location and add a link to a map to help attendees find you. Read More

All figured out!
How does one conduct a World Championship virtually. The Challenges Team did it in a short time last year. The lessons learned and athlete feedback were incorporated into this year's Challenge. Frequently Asked Questions

Hope you have a great time!
Have more questions, want to make a suggestion or just want to connect? We'd love to hear from you and make this event even more special! Contact Us
Throughout the pandemic, WMA continued to work for Masters Athletes including providing advice and guidance for the Challenges Team. WMA representatives officiated at competitions during last year's Challenge!
WMA and the Challenges Team asked MastersRankings to provide assistance with last year's event. MastersRankings is the engine powering the Challenges train! Athletes have commented how easy it is to and submit performances and see results.