As we start a new year, education and our lives continue to be disrupted in unprecedented and inequitable ways as a result of COVID-19. Let's use all the opportunities we can to work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for 2021 and beyond. We're thankful to be able to host two upcoming events that will provide opportunities to learn from and connect with each other.
Best wishes to you for 2021!
The Impact of COVID-19 on K-12 Education
Join us for a new virtual conference for the education industry to hear firsthand from leading educators about how the industry can help schools find solutions to the unprecedented challenges created by the coronavirus.
NCTET Virtual Post-Inauguration Awards and Policy Panel
In this presentation, NCTET will present eight Community Builder Awards and its Equity Advocate Award. Throughout its history, NCTET has bestowed the NCTET Community Builder Award on a diverse and bipartisan cross section of leaders who have made a difference in education. After the presentation of the awards, Dr. John King, Jr. will moderate a panel discussion that will focus on how the incoming Biden-Harris Administration will address digital equity as a policy priority.
Equity in Educational Opportunities
Now more than ever, parents of K-12 students are interested in how schools are supporting their child's social and emotional well-being.
Project Tomorrow has created an infographic “Equity in Educational Opportunities” based on their Speak Up 2019-20 Research Project Findings. 65% of parents say their child’s school should put a greater emphasis on social-emotional learning. However, Black and Hispanic/Latinx parents are 16% more likely to say that their schools should invest more in SEL programs than white parents.
More Upcoming Events
CoSN 2021
March 2-4

GSV Startup Bootcamp 
January 25 – March 12

Alliance for Education Impact
#ExecChat on Zoom with Deb Delisle, CEO and President at Alliance for Excellent Education
February 9, 10am Central Time
Get a sense of what we can anticipate as a result of the changes that are coming from both the executive and legislative branches. Explore the policy, advocacy, and funding shifts that may occur with the new administration.

World Education Summit
Connecting schools and colleges of the world through the cutting edge of learning
March 22 – 25
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