Resource One & Ameritime wish you a happy & healthy start to the new year!
Can you believe we are starting another new year...putting 2020 behind us and preparing to power thru 2021.
Friends and clients are reaching out with those swirling questions that tend to surface as we think about our financial goals for the new year:

  • Are we being efficient with our money and what is the long term impact of how much we are saving and where we are using it? 
  • I'm saving to my 401k, but is that enough? Are there other options I should consider?
  • Do our wills, insurance protection, and retirement assets have any impact on our overall retirement strategy?  
  • How do we know that everything is working together? 
  • Am I making the right financial decisions for my family?
  • Should I know about any tax savings or tax changes? 

Are these types of questions keeping you awake at night?
Our resource team can help and answer your questions.

Contact the Resource One Team to schedule a free meeting to review your questions and your financial goals.
Discussing your Financial Picture can provide you information and strategies to expand your wealth and cash flow.

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We are ready for 2021!!!
We are excited to kick-off our Winter 2021 webinars this January. These webinars are educational, complimentary, and planned just for you! Rich Grawer is with us again this year to present the Medicare & Social Security webinars and our Educator Specialists (Cheryl, Tom, & Aaron) will be presenting the MO Teacher Pension Benefits (PSRS/PEERS) webinars.
Resource One / Ameritime
340 S. Truman Blvd. - 314-432-9540