Celebrate with us!

First Quarter of 2021? Check!

From selling our newest three additions to new YouTube homebuyer information sessions, SouthFair has updates that will be very useful for residents of South Dallas!

Our Newest Additions...

At SouthFair, we were fortunate to be able to move forward with our 3 market-rate homes, even during a pandemic,-- a first for our non-profit. One of newest homeowners have already moved in. The remaining two houses will close early in 2nd quarter.

Click the video above for a virtual tour of one of the homes!

Celebrating New Homeowners

Meet SouthFair's Newest Family Member: Erica Parker

ep 1.jpg

Erica Parker Born in South Dallas, Erica Parker refers to her hometown as her village. In 2012, Parker’s mom purchased a home in South Dallas. Following, her best friend, and her mom, each became homeowners through SouthFair’s Homeownership Program...

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30 Years of SouthFair

Happy Birthday to Us!

_30k for 30Years_ _5_.png

This year marks a very special year for SouthFair CDC. We turn 30 years old and are kissing our 20's goodbye!

Even though the pandemic limits the rules of celebration we can still acknowledge the many years of hard work and dedication from SouthFair.

A little history and then some...

SouthFair Community Development Corporation was established October 1, 1991 by Linda (Walker) Bender. Linda had the foresight and vision to create a nonprofit that would become the backbone of people first housing and economic development for low to moderate families in the South Dallas/Fair Park area, in particular the Jeffries-Meyers neighborhood.

With our latest additions, SouthFair has brought 55 families, 22-in house apartment units, 350+ multi-family units, and 30 senior units to the Fair Park area! A win for individuals, families, community, and for the city Dallas!

The year long celebration...

This year, SouthFair is raising $30,000 for 30 years of service! Help SouthFair celebrate its 30th birthday with a donation!



Nine Years in Fair Park

David Kinney and Linda Stevenson

Before SouthFair made its impact on Fair Park, several residents of South Dallas sought elsewhere to build their lives. Two of those residents were David Kinney and Linda Stevenson...

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David and Linda in front of their brand new home in 2012

The couple today posing in front of their very nicely decorated kitchen

Homebuyer Informational Sessions

Now Online

Homebuying hasn't stopped just because COVID-19 changed how we do things.

Mary Ann sits and goes through the basics of our homeownership program.

We miss hosting our in-person workshops for kids, seniors, potential homebuyers, and others. So we are bringing it to the virtual sphere!

By subscribing to our channel on YouTube, you, too, can be informed on the basics, credit, and much more!

Click below to subscribe to our channel for more content!


Board Member Spotlight

Marian Williams

Marian joined SouthFair’s board in 2012 and became Chair in 2015. She not only advocates on behalf of SouthFair but for the many other organizations she volunteers for. This retired teacher continues to push for change in the community she taught and holds dear to her heart. Here is a little more about Marian...

Where were you born? Fort Worth, Texas

Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food: Terilli’s, anything there, seafood 

Family: one daughter and a son-in-love, aunts, uncles, and cousins 

Famous person you would most like to meet: Sade 

Words that describe you best: focused 

In your spare time you...: Watch movies, photography 

If you’ve learned one thing in life, it is...: relax 

What are your hopes/desires for SouthFair and the South Dallas community? That we grow in being able to serve more people building walkable communities. Providing avenues that provide not just more homes, but where family have resources right here in our community.

Click here and check out our Executive Director's Women’s History Month post courtesy of Resilient Dallas

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