Zebra barcode scanners and printers are the most reliable on the market. With a variety of options, we can help you prevent errors, increase distribution and help you maintain an accurate database for reporting. Learn more
Help Your Staff Work Safely and Efficiently
Technology can help your care teams improve outcomes and improve safety
Imagine your smartphone provides your staff the ability to see real time vitals, provide beside care and send secure text and images to other members of the patient's care team to shorten response time and reduce wasted steps.

There many options to add smart devices to your existing nurse call system to create a more responsive and cohesive care team. Upgrade your nurse call without the expense of buying a new system. Find out what's available. Contact Us For More Info
Since the start of the #COVID19 pandemic, the International Committee of the Red Cross has reported an increase in violence, harassment and stigmatization against healthcare workers. It’s more important than ever for organizations to implement proper safety measures to protect staff: http://gag.gl/hqCaD9
Is Your Network Up To The Challenge of the New Demands?
Everyday there is another data breach, another cyber security attack. The advancement of IoT healthcare devices, along with requirement for video, automation, advanced asset management, surveillance, remote monitoring on demand, and collaboration services is now driving demand for faster networks with more security. We can assist you with improving cybersecurity, increasing your network capacity, and providing such options as private LTE (VoLTE) networks to improve your voice and data communications. There are many affordable options that can drastically improve your network's performance.
Remote Surveillance
Surveillance Cameras
We have several options for remote surveillance, but Verkada offers one of the simplest to use with no DVR/NVR required, highly secure and viewable on any device from anywhere. Contact Us

With rules, regulations and information changing everyday, it's more and more difficult to chart a course. However, remote healthcare will be a part of the future of patient care. It's a daunting task. That's where we can help you chart a course that will help you now and phase in resources going forward. We have software and hardware options to make remote patient care simple to provide, integrate and use.
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