January 2022

2021 Results!
Africa faced serious challenges with COVID, civil unrest, and a continuing deterioration of the electrical grid. We believe in accountability to our donors, so here are some key accomplishments from your generous contributions in 2021: 

  • Expansion of the Soweto office to add a training center
  • 492 Peer Educators teaching the Reach4Life program in 4 countries
  • 237,948 participants in R4L groups (schools, community groups, churches, rehabs, and online)
  • 2,064 inmates attending R4L groups
  • 80,000 R4L Bibles delivered (we buy some; Biblica donates some)
  • 2,000 Portuguese Bibles (first printing in Portuguese!) delivered to Mozambique
  • Reach4Life was broadcast on 5 radio stations with combined listening audiences of 687,675
  • 638 pastors trained in pastor trainings
  • The building of a new church in Harrismith

December was the "summer" holiday. The school year began in January, so this was a busy month. Shown above are Thandy and some of the key ministry leaders as they plan for the year. Thandy reports: "Our focus in January is to build relationships with the schools, churches, prisons, and rehabs. We have been having a lot of meetings arranging timetables (schedules for the classrooms), deploying peer educators, and training new ones. We are still working under strict Covid rules, but we press on." Please pray for the R4L team and the effectiveness of the ministry.
40.5% Increase in Fuel Prices Over Last Year!
We’ve all seen how bad inflation is here. South Africa is experiencing high inflation also, which is impacting the ministry. One of the biggest costs in the ministry is taxi transport for the Peer Educators to and from schools, prisons, rehabs, etc. Statistics South Africa reports the latest high increase in December’s Consumer Price Index is "largely driven by rising transport costs, which recorded an annual increase of 16.8%, with fuel prices up 40.5% from a year earlier.” On February 2, there will be yet another rate hike of 53 cents per litre for petrol (SANews). Also, South Africa's power supplier (Eskom) has applied for a 20.5% electricity tariff that would start on April 1 2022. (Picture is from Bloomberg News Wire.)

We are so grateful for our regular contributors, many of whom have been supporting this ministry for years. If you haven't made an adjustment recently, and are in a position to do so, would you please consider a slight increase to help us offset these very high cost increases? If so, please email or call us at 253-946-5953, and we can adjust your contribution amount. Thanks so much for your help - we couldn't do this without you! (You can also donate anytime on our donate page. On the second page of the donation process, select "Reach4Life" from the "Projects" dropdown box.)
Trainings Underway for 2022 Peer Educators

The first part of the new school year is when many R4L trainings take place. Senior R4L facilitator Bowazi (at whiteboard) says, “As a Reach4Life trainer, each year is different. I have lost count of the number of young people we have trained as Kingdom workers over the years. It’s a joy to see them walk in shy and timid and by the end of the training they are confident, loud and excited. We thank God for these brave peer educators. What they do each week is not easy, I am happy to be part of their ministry journey.”
Peer Educator Returns as Mathematics Teacher!
Former Peer Educator, Sonke, shares, “My name is Sonke Mabaso. I live in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal. Six years ago I was part of team Ladysmith as a peer educator. I participated for 2 years. One day the principal of the school where I was doing Reach4Life called me to his office saying kids have been telling the teachers that I am good teacher, will I consider becoming a full time professional teacher? I said yes cause truly I loved teaching. He helped me get a scholarship and this year I am back at the school as a professional mathematics teacher here at Sigweje High school. I will forever be grateful for the training I got as a Peer educator which made me to be noticed that I was teaching well. Today my life and family has changed forever because of the R4L Program. I am an advocate for the program wherever I go and in my free time I still go to classes and teach the word of God using the R4L Program.”
New Harrismith Church Complete
Pastor Emmanuel is shown here leading a service in the new church building that was built this year. We appreciate the contributions that were made for this project.
Harrismith Team Meets in New Church
The Reach4Life team in Harrismith is now having their small group meetings at the church, where they plan lessons for the week.

Reach4Life Not Just for the Youth
R4L is not just for the youth but also for kids and adult groups. Above are some team members who teach in churches. We've found that even the grannies have a big impact in the program!
7,432 Bibles Distributed in January!

Even though schools have just started for the year, 7,432 Bibles were distributed during January. The picture at left represents the rollouts that took place this month.
Training Invitation
The Peer Educators come from local churches in the community, so invitations are extended each year as trainings take place. See the flyer above as an example of a notice for a training that will take place on February 5. Thandy reports that trainings are scheduled every other week through May.
"We will Participate"
Church youth leader Fikile Pahodi, The Cross Bible Church, Randfontein, says, “Our church is going to participate in doing the R4L program with our 65 young people and we plan to train them as Fox peer educators (students teaching students) as well. This is a great tool to teach our youth how to evangelize and to disciple. I am excited!”   
"I Know the Impact"
Lucas Cebekhulu, Headmaster at Siphimfundo High, Durban, says, “I have welcomed the Reach4Life Program in my school because I know the impact it has on the youth. I have seen it in other schools, kids’ behavior turning around because of the great life skills this program is providing. As a school leader I appreciate the help I am getting through this program.”  
SCM Director Endorses R4L
Mrs. Sibongile Ndlovu (left), Director of the Student Christian Movement (SCM) in Gauteng (Johannesburg) Province, with R4L Senior Facilitator Monica, shares, “Today I was introduced to this wonderful youth program. We would love to partner and support this great vision by recommending it to many schools we are working with. The best idea here is the trained young people that teach the program. Reach4Life is a wonderful program and we pray that it will continue to shine.”  
"I Will Work Hard"
Koketso Marumila shares, “I grew up a very angry young man, coming from a broken background. But since I found the Lord I have healed and I was desiring to share my experience with others but was not sure how. Attending the Reach4Life training has shown me exactly how and where I will spreading the good news. I am happy I came, and I will work hard in my township as a Peer educator.”  
"I am on Fire and Ready"
Patric Vezi reports, “I registered late last year to be a Peer educator and I am one of the first group trained this January. All I can say is that I am on fire and ready to serve my community. The training gave me confidence and courage to stand in front of kids knowing exactly what to say and how to say it. I am a new trained Peer educator!!”  
The current Rand exchange rate is very good at 15.4 Rand per dollar.
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