2022 ... A year in review
Here’s a look at some of the highlights from 2022!
Our staff enjoys exploring new services and becoming certified to expand their repertoire.

Lauren attended an all-day Curly Class in Washington DC and spent the day with many talented stylists who are incredible artists experienced in curly cutting and styling.

Kylie is known as an amazing colorist and makeup artist at Elle Salon, and this year she completed her training and certification in Classic Lashes and is doing amazing lashing!

Kimmy began performing esthetic services this year and now offers Osmosis facials, Regular and Keratin Lash Lift/tint, and Regular and Keratin Brow Lamination/tint. Coming in the new year, Kimmy will be offering Dermaplaning and Jelly Mask services.

Elizabeth attended Goldwell Academy in NYC to participate in a class called HAIRCOLOR EXPOSED. This class broke down the hair structure and provided an overview of the process that makes Goldwell color unique. She explored in-depth color situations, from difficult grey coverage to the most extreme color correction challenges.
Elizabeth has also completed her hand-tied hair extension training through Katybeth and Allison! We are so proud of our in-house training program to help all of our staff grow in their business!

Katybeth completed a Hybrid Extensions/FUSION Extensions Training that incorporates Fusion extensions in the nape area where hand-tied isn't the best fit on weaker hair. This allows the shorter hairs underneath to blend better with the longer hand-tied extensions and give more fullness.

Elle attended Trade Shows in New York City in April: the Esthetics Show and the International Beauty Show. Finally back to beauty trade shows post covid! She came back with a new facial product to add to the salon's facial menu of services: Jelly Mask.

Our in-house classes this year were Oligo Color Gloss Class and a Goldwell Color Gloss Class. Here is a sample of our Oligo Class if you missed our newsletter that month. Watch the short video here.
Our Goldwell class covered their new gorgeous gloss toners that we have added to our color inventory.

Watch our newsletters for opportunities in the future to be a "hair model" for us and enjoy a free service. These opportunities go fast, so be quick to respond!
New Staff

This year we welcomed Karina to our front desk team as a receptionist. She works every Saturday, as well as, Thursday and Friday evenings. While her background is in retail, she is loving the new experience in the beauty industry while she pursues her bachelors degree in Social Work.

In May, we welcomed Kimmy back to Elle Salon! She’s been offering regular Manicures/Pedicures, Gel Polish Manicure/Pedicures and Nail Dip services, and now she is offering esthetic services!

Staffing Update! Elena is now full-time as a 💅🏻 nail tech with Elle Salon. Follow her hashtag on Instagram to see her creative work, and be sure to schedule with her soon! #ellesalonltdelena
Welcome to the Family Rhys!
Our stylist Ashley, and her husband Grant, welcomed a new little one recently and expanded their family with a third child, Rhys!

Rhys is very healthy and he weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long when he arrived! We are very excited about the new addition to the Elle Salon family.

Ashley is scheduled to return at the end of January.
New Product Line: Hera Goddess
Hera Goddess is a new line that our stylists have been testing. And, the news is -- they LOVE it! So we're introducing it now so that our clients can get started using it. Hera is a light moisturizing line that is more specific to our hair extension clientele, but it most definitely can be used on any of our clients that need a little more moisture in their hair without weighing the hair down. It's a small line of six products. The smell is amazing! They are all now available for purchase at Elle Salon.

Goddess Shampoo
Cleanse, hydrate, refresh, repeat: After multiple days of styling, your hair could use a refresh. Enter the deep cleansing Goddess Shampoo! Using paraben-free and sulfate-free ingredients, this hydrating shampoo restores hair to its natural shine, promoting daily moisture and hydration.

Goddess Conditioner
Take hydration to the next level with this deep moisturizing shea conditioner. With a unique blend of sulfate-free and paraben-free ingredients, the Goddess Conditioner puts in the work to leave your hair with salon-grade hydration at home.

Super Human Hair Mask
For the days your hair needs some extra love, try this divine hair mask to deliver a boost of hydration! Designed with stylist-approved ingredients like shea butter, this hair mask recovers dry and damaged hair leaving all hair types looking so good people will think you’re superhuman.

Starlit Smoothing Spray
Who says you have to sacrifice strength for style? This small, but mighty, anti-frizz spray doubles as a heat protectant to give all hair types a salon-grade style without having to step foot in a blowout bar. Add to your styling routine for extra smooth hair and a layer of protection.

Goddess Gloss Serum
Curly, straight, thick, fine and every hair type in between: This stylist-approved anti-frizz serum locks in moisture to restore dry and damaged hair, giving you salon quality glam without leaving your home.

Hair Fragrance (a Hera best selling product)
Does your hair need a pick-me-up? Use a few spritz of this hair fragrance for a boost of shine and a heaven-scent fragrance! Perfect for all hair types - including extensions. This hair fragrance also doubles as a heat protectant so you can style to your heart's content.

All Hera products are:
The month of January is your last opportunity to experience Red Hot Holiday Delight or
A La More!
Next month, a new ❤️Valentine's Day themed spa mani/pedi will be available! Stay tuned.
Returning Farm House Fresh Favorites
Available at the Salon!
Baby Foot - Foot Peel
This innovative, one-hour, at-home foot peel treatment is similar to a chemical peel and will make your feet feel smooth and soft, just like a baby’s foot!

Most foot exfoliant products can leave your feet dry and raw, but not Baby Foot. This product features 16 natural extracts that are scientifically formulated to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time creating a luxurious experience like you’ve never had before. It also includes a small amount of salicylic acid to soften your feet and induce peeling. The peeling process takes about 14-days to complete but once it's done you'll love the results.
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  • Olaplex Bond Intensive Moisture Mask
  • Olaplex Nourishing Hair Serum
  • Unique 1 all-in-one treatment

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