A Letter from HEAL's Co-Founder
Dear HEAL Community,

I shared my hope with NPR this week that 2022 will be a year for global health institutions to begin addressing the mental health toll the pandemic is taking on our health workers, patients, and communities at large. 

In 2022, HEAL will continue to focus on building strength and resilience in our community of health workers and grow our investments into more health workers who can lead these efforts. 

There are many highlights of our HEAL community leading on important mental health areas from the frontlines of the Omicron in this difficult time.

  • Our HEAL alum Abhi Kole wrote a poignant advocacy article on housing as healthcare. His approach both better serves vulnerable patients, anchors in structural solutions, and reduces burnout for providers.  

  • In Rwanda, Uganda, Liberia, Navajo Nation, and across the U.S., 2nd-year fellows gathered virtually to participate and lead didactic discussions on topics from mentorship to mindfulness. 

Dr. Adriann Begay, Senior Advisor to our work in Navajo Nation, opened up this first convening of the year with her poignant perspectives of this moment in our world. Watch her opening comments here.

We share her greeting with you as a reminder that in the midst of the most challenging times, there are many among us who bring light on a daily basis.

on behalf of the HEAL Team
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