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2022-2023 AoC COVID Protocols

Dear Parents, Guardians and Caretakers,

While the school year has only just concluded, we are already preparing for 2022-23. I’m writing you today to inform you of new and updated COVID-19 protocols for the upcoming school year.

These protocols have been developed by the Archdiocese of Chicago based on the experiences of the past two years and how we can provide the best learning environment for our students while protecting everyone’s health and safety.

As always, our focus is on maximizing in-person instruction and minimizing the disruption to our students, families and staff, while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

In short:

  • Based on data collected since removal of the mask mandate earlier this year, we’re doing away with contact tracing and the actions we required for close contacts of someone with COVID-19. Close contacts will no longer be required to mask, quarantine and social distance at lunchtime.
  • Individuals who test positive must isolate from all school activities for five days and report the positive case to their school. Upon their return to school, for days 6-10 no masks are required if they test negative. Absent a negative test, they must mask during the school day and social distance at lunch.
  • We will inform families of all in-school, positive COVID-19 cases. Families are encouraged to take any precautions they consider appropriate.
  • Individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness should stay home while sick.
  • When there are three cases in a classroom within a 10-day period, all students in that classroom must mask for 10 days.

As we have all learned during the pandemic, things can change, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. As a result, our protocols may also change as we progress through the school year. Please do not hesitate to contact your school if you have any questions, comments or other feedback on these protocols.

Because of your commitment to what’s best for children and our communities, and the dedication of our principals, teachers and staff, our Catholic schools have been able to provide in-person instruction for the past two years. We’re honored that you entrust the education of your children to us.


Greg Richmond

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

St. Catherine Labouré School

3425 Thornwood Avenue | Glenview,IL 60026

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