2022-2023 Budget

Last night the Greensboro City Council passed the 2022-2023 budget. While the budget contains a lot of good things and things that I’ve worked on, I voted against the budget because of the large property tax increase. This was not a surprise, it has been my position from the beginning. Due to the unknowns in the economy and rising inflation I thought we should take a conservative approach.

The reason I did not vote to approve this budget is because YOU should not bear that burden. My goal is to continue making Greensboro a vibrant and affordable city.

This year all properties in Guilford County were re-evaluated to reflect their current market value. This is mandated by law and done every five years. Most people saw a large increase in the value of their property, both residential and commercial. This re-evaluation resulted in the largest property tax base increase that I can recall.


There are many good things in the budget, things that I fought for:

  1. Significant pay raises for public safety employees (police, fire and GM911)
  2. 15 new positions in our fire department
  3. Next phase of Take Home Cars for our police department
  4. Increasing the “Step Plan” for all general service employees.
  5. Increasing our commitment to affordable housing

I had two priorities: increasing employee pay to make us competitive with surrounding communities and increasing our commitment to affordable housing. I am pleased that both of those goals were accomplished.  

There are other good things in the budget as well and I appreciate the hard work of our City staff and my Council colleagues. In my heart, I know that if it wasn’t for this large re-evaluation we would have found ways to reduce the budget.  

Today, the Board of Elections published the early voting calendar. 

Remember the City election is July 26 NOT November. 

Thank you for your support!


Early Voting Location & Times

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