Urbain H. Plavan Elementary School

Plavan PTO:
Panther Pride-Issue 4: December 10, 2022
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Message from Dr. Ham

Dear Plavan Families,

Yesterday was our annual Plavan PTO Jogathon!!! Our students, staff, PTO volunteers had a blast as our PTO hosted our biggest fundraiser of the year!

Our goal is to reach $35,000 which supports enriching assemblies, field trips, arts, and classroom enhancement for our students and teachers. We are less than $10K from reaching our goal. It is not too late to participate in our fundraising efforts (Deadline is this Monday, 12-12-22).

Please click on the link below. The smallest donation amount ($1 or $5) adds up quickly and it would be amazing to report that we had 100% of our families participate in our efforts! Prize winners will be announced on December 21st during our school wide morning assembly.

Happy Holidays from our school family to yours!
We are so grateful for your partnership with us.
Please enjoy the photos from yesterday's jogathon event!
Special thanks to...
  • PTO President-Huy Tran
  • VP of Fundraising-Thao To
  • External VP-Steve Nguyen
as well as our PTO volunteers who came out to support this effort!

Dr. Ham
Safety on our campus:

Plavan parents, we need your help to promote safety on our campus.

Please check in at the front office first if you are volunteering or visiting our campus. We ask all adults to wear a Staff ID or a Visitor Badge.

FVPD wanted us to remind our families to be vigilant and watchful. Help actively support the safety of our campus by calling FVPD (either 9-1-1 or non-emergency dispatch at 714-593-4485), if you observe any suspicious activity. You can also use the anonymous WeTip line. 

Anonymous Tip Line
FVSD is happy to announce our new Anonymous Reporting tip line. We have a dedicated phone line for FVSD that is manned 24/7. You can call or text the phone number, use the QR code, or the link on each school site's webpage to file a report. These tips are sent to the appropriate people to help ensure the safety of our students. If you need assistance regarding your child at school, please contact the teacher and/or principal directly.
5th Grade Science Camp for 2023-2024

Hello Plavan 4th Grade Familes:

The planning for the 5th grade Science Camp for next Fall starts now and need your support & feedback!

Please email Dr. Ham and Mrs. Kelly Rutter (5th grade lead): hamp@fvsd.us rutterk@fvsd.us if you can help coordinate and support with fundraising for next year's Science Camp.

We need a few 4th grade parents who can help coordinate this effort.

Please email before Winter Break if you are able to support.
Congratulations! We are proud to award the following students with the prestigious Proud Panther Award for this month of December! You have much to be proud of—as do your teachers and your parents! What a fabulous job you are doing here at Plavan School!

You are a shining example of of our school motto: ROARing to success. You are being respectful to your teachers, staff, and friends. You are On-task, Always being safe, and Responsible with the assignments and expectations at school.

At Plavan, the Proud Panther Award will include the praise, respect, and recognition of having your name read during the Friday Flag Ceremony and of having it appear in our monthly newsletter. Furthermore, you get to be first for breakfast and lunch by showing your Proud Panther Name Badge.

We hope your family will also share with you how proud of you they must be! You have so much to do on a daily basis to make your way successfully through this world. Not only are you doing it well, but you are making a difference to all those around you. We very proud of you and so pleased that you are a part of Plavan Elementary School. It is an honor to provide you with a day of “special” recognition. As you grow through the years, you will attend many schools—all of whom will have different mascots. However, you will ALWAYS be a member of Plavan’s community of Proud Panthers!

Congratulations again to the following students: 

Transitional Kindergarten:
Mrs. Manthorne:
Calvin Montez, Sophia Nguyen, Arda Yilmaz

Ms. Andrews:
Abhishek Vijayakumar, Bradley Vorpahl, Jaxson Nguyen
Mrs. Heredia:
Elaine Ngo, Jenny Luong, John Gergis
Ms. Voss:
Elijah Estrada,Elina Youssef

First Grade:
Mrs. Yilmaz:
Abanoub Tanyous, Aria Talavera
Mrs. DeJulio/Querry:
Selena Le, Jeffer Abdulkarim
Mrs. Kha:
Cara Nguyen, Aviendha Cushing, Evelyn Ngo

Second Grade:
Mrs. Booth:
Janis Cazares, Sebastian Harden, Kaylee Trinh
Mrs. Madden:
Vianna Nguyen, Sarah Pham
Mrs. Gonzales:
Leyna Bui, Samuel Brigham, Alanni Pedroza

Third Grade:
Mrs. Panzella:
Stella Nguyen, Alan Pham
Mrs. Spenser:
Denise Esquivel, Colette Landau, Katelyn Tran
Ms. Questel:
Michael Carrillo, Mina Bui

Fourth Grade:
Ms. Benson:
William Do, Chloe Xa
Mrs. Hughes:
Gabi Hu, Minh Nguyen, Layla Silva
Mrs. Wilson:
Inci Ocel, Bradley Aguirre, Veronia Bishay

Fifth Grade:
Mrs. Copley/Mowrey:
Jacob Quan, Audrey Nguyen
Mrs. Rutter:
Desiree Boulos, Dustin Bao
Ms. Reza:
Billy Tran, Vy Nguyen
Front Office Reminders:
Office tips and reminders.

While we go into the Holiday Season and get ready for our Winter Break, the front office staff, Mrs. Kathy Baran, School Office Manager; Ms. Caren Rizzo, Health Assistant; and Mrs. Liesel Zepeda just want to say that we appreciate our Plavan Community and everything you do for us. THANK YOU!

We hope that your Holiday Season and time with friends, family and loved ones is filled with lots of laughter, love and cherished moments!

We hope that everyone gets lots of rest and a break from the hustle and bustle of the world.

  • Report Cards will go home on December 22nd with your child.

  • Our Winter Break starts a day early this year on Friday, December 23 and continues the following two weeks, December 26 through January 6, coming back on Monday, January 9th, 2023. We hope your New Year 2023 is amazing and that we have a wonderful start to the rest of our school year!

  • As a quick reminder, if you have a child that will be Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten age eligible for this coming Fall 2023, please make a note on your calendar that our round-up Informational Meeting is February 23, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. and that Enrollment for K/Interest List for TK goes live usually March 1st.

Lastly, if your child is on an Inter-District Transfer, please remember, renewals start whenever your home district opens their window. For example, Garden Grove Unified School District usually starts in early January. Please remember to request your child's renewal. All Inter-District Transfer requests MUST be renewed every year. If your child is going into Middle School, please list their FVSD Middle School on the request.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2023!
Memorable moments from this week...
"This Month is Do Good December! 
Check out the December Action for Happiness Calendar for daily ideas."

"Mental Health Support is available through Care Solace 24/7 and is completely confidential. Be kind to yourself! Call or click for support in connecting you to mental health providers, (888)515-0595 caresolace.com/fvsdfamilies"
Dear Plavan Families:

This month, we're encouraging you to carry out small acts of kindness. This has been another difficult year of uncertainty and ups and downs for many of us. Kindness is contagious, and helping others has been proven to make us feel better too! Let's try to focus on being generous with our time and attention rather than money - it's free and better for everyone, as well as our planet!

We sincerely hope you enjoy Wellness Wednesday and find the information helpful. You can revisit all of our Wellness Wednesday issues at FVSD's Mental Health & Wellness webpage at  https://www.fvsd.us/apps/pages/MentalHealthAndWellnessResources

Should you have any questions or need assistance of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact your site principals, counselor, or me. We are thrilled to reconnect and reengage with you in 2022!

Erin Bains
Director, Student Services & Safety