May 24, 2022
Apologies--we have corrected the link to the 22/23 Elective Schedule!

Dear Returning Ospreys and Families,
We hope that you have had a chance to review the 2022/23 AHS Course Catalog to see the range of electives we will offer next year.
The next step in creating schedules for 2022/23 is for students to complete Course Requests in Infinite Campus. This will happen on this week, during prep time for Transitional Presentations of Learning, with support from Erin Cummins-Roper and Maureen Truax:
  • 11th grade: Thursday 5/26
  • 10th grade: Wednesday 5/25
  • 9th grade: Thursday 5/26
We will work individually with any student who misses school on their grade’s designated date to help them complete Course Requests in IC, as needed.

To Prepare for the Course Request Process

View the 2022/23 AHS Course Catalog and Elective Schedule to determine which electives you would like to take. Consider how your elective choices support your career/college goals. Review this helpful Guide to Course Selection and College Readiness to learn more about what colleges look for in their admissions processes in terms of course selection and rigor.

Be sure you are on track to fulfill AHS graduation requirements, which include 24 academic credits distributed as follows:

4 Language Art credits
4 Social Studies credits
4 Math credits
3 Science credits
2 World Language credits for the same language (please note: the AHS Board will vote on June 6 to determine whether we change this requirement to 1 year)
1 Art credit
6 Elective credits (this will change to 7 credits if the World Language credit requirement is reduced to 1 credit)

If you failed a class this fall or anticipate that you might fail a class this semester, plan to request an elective course that will help you make up that credit. For example, if you failed Math 9, you may want to take Consumer Math or Geometry unless you are planning to take an AHS Summer School class to make up the credit. For questions about AHS Summer School, contact Libby.

Students wishing to move to the next level of language study are required to pass both semesters of their current class. If a student failed in the fall or is at risk of failing this semester, they should reach out to their language teacher to discuss options for credit recovery over the summer.
View the Electives Schedule to see which period(s) each course will be offered and determine which electives fit your schedule, considering where core classes are for your grade level.

Make a game plan for the whole year--first and second semester--by determining which elective you would ideally want for each period not filled by your core classes. Use this Scheduling Template to help you think this through. Be sure to choose a couple of alternate courses for each period you don’t have a core class as not everyone will get their first choice. Keep in mind that some electives are yearlong and some are only a semester long.
To Complete Course Requests in Infinite Campus

Login to your Infinite Campus Portal. Go to More>Course Registration.
Click 22-23 Animas High School
You will see that your core classes are already entered. Click Add Course to view electives.
You can scroll through courses or search by course title. Click on a course title to see prerequisites and course descriptions. Courses that are 2 units are semester long and courses that are 4 units are yearlong. Select a course that you want to request.
Click Request to add that class as your first choice. Do this for all your first-choice courses. Then click Alternate to add the classes that are your back-up choices.
All students but seniors need to reach 100% completion, with 56/56 units requested plus at least 2 alternate courses.

Seniors only need 36/56 units, with at least 2 alternate classes, but should select more than 36 units for a fuller schedule. Seniors may have up to 2 free periods, provided you are on track to complete all graduation requirements.
All requests are saved automatically. You can make changes in your IC portal up until we create student schedules, which will be in mid-June. Your next opportunity to make changes will be at the start of the 2022/23 school year, so choose carefully!

As you prepare to make course requests, keep in mind that we are all here to help! Feel free to check in with your advisor, your teachers, Libby, Maureen, Erin, Heather or Carlin for support.
We look forward to working with everyone to help create student schedules for next year!
Animas High School prepares all students for college and postsecondary success by creating critical thinkers and engaged citizens through an innovative, student-centered, project-based curriculum. We accomplish this through:
Rigorous academics, where all students are prepared for college success
Culture of excellence, where students are held to high expectations
Strong student-faculty relationships, where students are well known.
Engaging learning, where students see the relevance in their education