Date: Jan. 19, 2023

Campus colleagues,

In preparation for the close of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023, the following deadlines have been established to ensure timely review and submission of items and processes critical to closing the fiscal year.

Carefully review these deadlines as they may have an impact on departmental planning and differ from those in previous years. It is essential that departments supply the necessary information outlined below by close of business (5 p.m.) on each of the specified deadlines:


Departmental review of owned ledgers (activities) and verification that all requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and payroll transactions have been recorded correctly. If any financial adjustment requests are required, ensure timely submission of required documentation through a ServiceNow ticket.

May 15

Requests for Interlocation Transfer of Funds

May 26

Requests for new chart string segments for FY 2024

Final day to enter Purchase Requisitions for Equipment, Services, and Supplies for FY 2023 – please note that all equipment services and supplies must be received and invoiced by June 30, 2023, to use FY 2023 budget.

June 2

Final day to issue all Non-Catalog Purchase Orders – please note that all goods and services must be received and invoiced by June 30, 2023, to use FY 2023 budget.

June 9

Payroll Bi-Weekly Pay Period (subject to change)

Payroll Expenditure Transfers – last date for UC Merced Payroll Services to receive expense transfers for processing into FY 2023.

May Budget File and Staffing List due to UCOP

June 10

Payroll Monthly Pay Period (subject to change)

June 14

Procurement Card Transactions (including all Gift Card Purchases) – all receipts are to be submitted no later than June 14. All Procurement Card transactions must be fully reconciled, approved and paid by June 30, 2023.

Final day to enter Travel and Reimbursement Transactions in Concur

Final day to place catalog orders – all goods and services must be received and invoiced by June 30, 2023.

Oracle and Concur system approvals must be completed

June 20

Final day to receive Accounts Payable invoices for guaranteed processing in FY 2023

Submit service requests to AP: Invoice Hold Resolutions/Payment Requests/Wire Requests/Petty Cash Reimbursements.

Vendor invoices, Reimbursements and Check Requests

June 22

All adjustments for Cashiering for previously posted transactions

June 30

Gift Card and Distribution listing

All Cash/Checks/Credit Card receipts to be deposited in Cashiering

Campus Gift Acceptance

July 3

Intercampus Recharge Request/Intercampus Request for Reimbursement

IOC Recharges/IRR claims between campus locations

UC Merced Foundation Monetary Transfer

July 14

Recharges (both PPM & Non-PPM)

Financial Journals

Cost Transfer and Adjustment Requests for PPM Projects

Budget Transfers and Adjustments

June Budget File and Staffing List due to UCOP

July 21

Fiscal year-end Accruals:

Accrue expense for goods received on campus or services completed by 6/30/2022 but not recorded in ledger as of 6/30/2022

Provide Financial and Accounting Services documentation requesting approval to accrue expenses, documentation (invoice/receiving) showing received date or date of services and chart string to be charged.

Post FYE Close

Carry-Forward Fund requests are due to Financial Planning & Analysis two weeks post final close.

Please note the following:

  • Late transactions or documents received after the deadlines listed above may not be processed by June 30, 2023, and therefore could be charged to Fiscal Year 23/24 budgets.
  • All goods or services must be received and invoiced by June 30 to be accounted for in FY22/23. The creation of a purchase order only does not guarantee funds will be available if expenses are invoiced in FY23/24. Please be sure to follow the applicable UC Merced accrual and carry-forward processes for expenses that need to be accounted for in the upcoming fiscal year.
  • All items submitted to the campus shared services department should be submitted five days before the cutoff dates above to ensure deadlines are met.
  • All journal entry requests received in the department by the deadlines above will be processed in FY22/23.

If you have questions, please contact us. And please visit this Business and Financial Services page for more information about financial reporting and fiscal close.

Thank you,

Amanda Preston-Nelson

Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller

Carol Dinuzzo

Director of Financial and Accounting Services