2022-23 Competition Team
WhatsApp All parents need to download this free app IMMEDIATELY. This is our main source of communication throughout the season. Once you have downloaded the app we will add you to the Fusion Dance Competition Group. Please be sure to do this as soon as possible!

If any dancer is limited to the number of competition groups they can partake in (besides what you noted at tryouts), they need to notify the studio by Monday, July 11th, as we plan to organize groups soon. fusiondancecarrollia@gmail.com If we are notified any later than the given deadline, then you will be charged a $100 fee/dance due to the amount of time and organizing that goes into planning these groups. Once groups are decided, they are final.

What to expect with competition:
Cost: $500/routine (includes costume, rehearsal time, choreography, and 3 competition registration fees). There is an additional cost to be a part of a MUSE group. Please read the red paragraph below for more information.

Additional Classes: ALL competition dancers are REQUIRED to participate in ballet technique. Cost is $20/month. As well students must participate in an additional, recreational class for every competition group they are placed in. For example: your dancer is grouped in a hip hop, jazz and lyrical competition group. They must also take a recreational hip hop class, ballet technique, and their regular, recreational combo class. If your dancer is grouped in jazz and lyrical, they must also take ballet technique and their regular, recreational combo class.

Team Activities: The Fusion Dance Parent Club puts on various activities and events for the competition team throughout the dance season. Each competition dancer will need to pay a $30 fee to participate. Some of the events include a Halloween Party, Competition Team Showcase, Adventureland, and so much more!

Competitions: Dates and details to come.

MUSE Workshop: It is MANDATORY that all competition dancers attend the MUSE Workshop. Every competition dancer has already been registered for this workshop. This year's workshop is August 13th - 14th at Fusion Dance: Omaha. Click HERE for the workshop schedule. Cost is $180. All accounts will be charged and the amount will be auto deducted on Monday, August 1st.

MUSE Choreography: If your dancer is selected to be a part of a MUSE group (choreographed by a MUSE Choreographer), there will be an additional charge for each dancer in these groups. This is due to MUSE increasing their choreography costs. If this is a major issue, please contact us and we will make sure your dancer is not put into a MUSE dance. Please save the following dates for MUSE Choreography, August 9th-12th & August 15th-16th.

Informational Meeting: We will have a parent informational meeting during the week of the MUSE Workshop on August 14th at 9:00am at Fusion Dance Omaha to go over details of the competition season and answer any questions. This meeting will be geared more towards the new competition parents, but any competition parent is welcome to attend.

Summer Classes: We are requiring our competition dancers (entering 6th grade Fall of 2022 and up) to attend at the very least, 5 punch pass classes this summer. 2 of the 5 must be Ballet Technique. We strongly encourage our competitive dancers to continue their training throughout the summer months, and a great way to do that is to attend classes! It also helps to prepare our dancers for the MUSE Workshop in August!

More information will be given throughout the summer regarding groups, choreography, etc.

We are excited for a new competition season!
Enjoy your summer!
-Heather & Makinze
Congratulations on making the 2022-23 Fusion Dance Carroll Competition Team!

Abby Neppel

Adalyn Stribe

Adalynn Pietig

Addison Humlicek

Addy Anthofer

Adison Wallin

Aerington Kral

Aleigha Schultz

Alexa Vonnahme

Alexa Tunning

Alexis Diercksen

Alyse Greteman

Alyson Reincke

Alyssa Grell

Alyvia Loeffelholz

Ashlyn Stewart

Autumn Fortner

Ava Menken

Avery Reiman

Bella Tunning

Belle Wunschel

Bentlee Young

Blake Darveau

Blakelyn Dusenberry

Braya Hinners

Breya Rehm

Brinley Koster

Brooke Mentzer

Brylei Conroy

Bryli Blunk

Calee Schreck

Channing Nagl

Charlee Stitz

Charleigh Potthoff

Cora Masching

Eliana Nelson

Elizabeth Brunner

Ella Pick

Ellee Schreck

Emersyn Babb

Emersyn Alford

Emery Vonnahme

Emma Woodward

Erin Roberts

Espyn Weigel

Evan Streufert

Evie G'Sell

Hadleigh Horbach

Hadley Behrens

Hailee Behrens

Haley Nielsen

Haley Lux

Harper Hempstead

Iris Melody

Jadyn Knerl

Jemma Volquartsen

Jerzie Menke

Jolea Hoffman

Jolee Schreck

Journey Rosener

Julianne Boyd

Kambryn Alford

Kaylie Diercksen

Kendra Loew

Kendyl Potthoff

Kerigan Schreck

Khloe Schreck

Kora Klocke

Lakyn Vogel

Lauren Boell

Lena Snyder

Lillie Ortner

Lilly Kasperbauer

Lily Petersen

Macey Weber

Maci Hoogestraat

Maci Berlau

Macy Blum

Madeline Segebart

Madelyn Hinners

Madie Domer

Madilyn Hackfort

Maggie Kasperbauer

Mallory Milligan

Maymie Brinkman

Megan Milligan

Meredith Pietig

Meredith Friedrichsen

Mia Milligan

Minden Lueth

Myla Pudenz

Riley Nagl

Ruve Laubscher

Rylie Schagt

Sophia Wurzer

Sophie Lohrmann

Stella Wurzer

Tierney Tryon

Tori Ellis

Tristin Gorden