October 14, 2022

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In 2018, the Logan Elm Community came together to LEave a LEgacy and voted to construct a new PK-12 school building to ensure a safe, secure, and modern learning environment for future students. The building is slated to welcome students for the 2023-24 school year.

Above: Top image is the architect's rendering of the final building. Bottom image is the building progress at the start of the 2022-23 school year.

Below-Left to right: Inside the high school gym; Cabinets inside classroom; Library from upper level

Bottom Row-Left to right: Classroom; Stage in auditorium; Library from lower level

"Today's footprints is tomorrow's legacy."

-Dan Rockwell - "Leadership Freak"

Nate Smith - current

LEHS principal

Dan Hugus - current LEHS

assistant principal 

Bret King - current

McDowell principal

Over the past month, district leaders have begun meeting to discuss various topics related to the 2023-2024 school year, to ensure a seamless transition to the new building.  The early meetings have focused on staffing, bus routes, special education and procedures that will need to be in place. More details will be shared once these decisions have been finalized.

In the spring, the district announced that Mr. Nate Smith and Mrs. Joanna Strawser would be assigned as the principals of the 6-12 and PK-5 buildings.  

Mr. Smith will be joined by Mr. Ted Dille, Mr. Dan Hugus, and Mr. Bret King at the 6-12 building. 

Mrs. Tami Clark and Mr. Jim Wolfe will be joining Mrs. Strawser at the PK-5 building. 

Ted Dille - current Salt Creek principal

Joanna Strawser - current principal at Pickaway Elementary

Tami Clark - current principal at Laurelville Elementary

Jim Wolfe - current principal at Washington Elementary

"The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will."

-Andy Warhol

Board members Debbie Shaw, president, and Scott Allen, were recognized at the October Board of Education meeting for their years of service. Debbie has supported and served the Logan Elm District for 35 years and Scott has been a member for 10 years. Service awards were presented by Kim Miller-Smith,  Ohio School Board Association Central Region represenative.

Thank you Debbie and Scott for your dedication to the students, staff & community of Logan Elm.

The goal for the LEave a LEgacy campaign was set at $1,500,000.

As of today, we have raised $1,370,000!

If you would like to contribute, donation applications are being accepted until

January 31, 2023.


Donors who have already contributed are listed below, grouped by their donor level,

with acknowledgements as requested.

Legacy Donors: 

  Maxson Family Foundation

        -Eric & Diane Maxson

  Hogue Innovation Center

  Ohio Health

  Nathan & Ruth Wilson

Platinum Donors: 

  The Savings Bank 

  Vinton County National Bank

  Dennis & Debbie Shaw

  Tim & Debbie VanSickle Family

  Wolford Family Farms: 

  Mike, Brad & Nick Wolford

Gold Donors: 

   Logan Elm Education Foundation

   Jerry & Sue Leist

   Keith & Brooke Summers

   Kingston National Bank

   Amy & Tim Colburn

   Carly & Jeremy Neff

   Jane Jones: In Memory of Nelson Jones

   Rod & Marcia Smith

   Well Being Fund of the Pickaway Co. Community Foundation

   Kyle, Dakota, Charlie, Bentley, Finleigh & Riggs Reichelderfer

   Tim & Jessica Williams

   Marsha & Matt Waidelich

   Brian & Bethany Reid Family

   Scott, Anne, Madison & Emily Allen

   Pickaway County Community Foundation

   Brent & Kathy Rhoads

   Dr. Andy and Brandy Palmer

   The Klett Family - Kevin, Angie & Wyatt

Silver Donors: 

  "To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift."

           In memory of Chad Beller, beloved teacher & coach

   Wyatt & Traci Wilson

   The Family of Dan/Dan Jr. Delong

   Ely,Dubois & Stewart, DDS.

   Dr. Brian & Whitney Stewart

   Kevin, Nicole, Ella & Kelton Bennington

   Nate & Emily Smith Family

   The Lynn & Phil Roe Family

   Dale E. Wolfe, Class of 1961

   The Ernie & Holly Karshner Family: Edward & Kimberly, Eric & Kari, Nelson & Audrey

   Steve & Shelly Sargent

   Tom Lamb & Family

   Jill & Scott Riddle

   Chad & Danielle Disbennett

   Fred & Rita Summers

Bronze Donors: 

   Steve & Paula Thomerson

   Brian & Betsy Weller

   Sharff's Fashion

   Barry, Jennifer, Kimberly & Bret Petty

   Steve & Katie McAfee

   Casey, Becky, & Alyvia Wagner

   Doug, Shawn, Rylee & Reagan Stiverson

   John & Sandy Edgar

   Bob & Margaret Parker

   Allison & Julia Weller

   Kent & Susanne Hardin

   Beth Wasmer

   Greg & Cheryl Arnett

   Jamey & Sarah Binkley

   Chris & Roberta Caudill

   Ryan & Tahnee Grube

   In honor of Ayden Hartley

   In honor of Eastyn Hartley

   Carly, Claire & Catie King

   Phil & Shannon McKibben

   Doug & Nikki Riddle

   Belinda Wolfe

   James Wolfe

   Chris, Tara, Zane,Cade, Rider & Drew Stant

   Rich & Sandy Elsea

   DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLC

   Edward & Deborah Boyer

   Lynn & Karen Dunkle

   Ink My Logo - Todd & Jennifer  Tomlinson

   Chad Disbennett for Class of 1991

   David & Judy Beavers

   Don & Cindy Bucher and Family

Brave Donors: 

Hunter, Stephanie, Brittani & Shelby Lane

Logan Elm Class of 2003

Jim & Mary Wentz

Laurelville Auto Parts, Inc.

Ben, Lori, Adalyn & Luke Brisker

Jeff & Renee Reed and Family

Eric & Sereana Dresback and Family

Tracy, Beth, Kaitlyn & Courtney Barnes

Tom & Julie McGuire

Jane Snodgrass

Adam, Amber, Hannah & Miles Gooley

James & Jonnie Hooks

Wes Hart

Marsha Sturgell

Scheiber Family Pharmacy

Natasha & Bryant Gibson

Mike & Terry Borland

Caldwell Family

In memory of Emmer Baldwin

Janice Wiseman

John Scanlan

Mike & Christy Mills

Toni & Tim Tootle

Jerry & Dawn Peters

Michael E. Logan

Tayla & Tavin Tootle

In Memory of Ben Welch

Seth & Karen Dresbach

Class of 1977- In memory of Jared Noble

Dustin & Ashli Dexter

Mike, Carrie, Garrett & Gavin Griffey

Jennifer Murphy, Bob Smith, Laney

     Smith & Olivia Smith

Troy, Julie, Kyle & Brody Rine

LE class of 2004

Bria Campbell, Cody & Kinzie Stewart, 

     Daniel & Keighan Royster

Julie & Don Cline

Thomas Y. Bloomee - Ohio Mechanical


Andy Graffis

Anthony & Karlyn Neff

Christopher & Geralyn Yingling

Lykins Energy Solutions

In honor of Jacob, Jenna & Justin Gearhart

Dean & Pat Barr

V.F.W. #3331 Circleville

Fred & Jodie Jones

Abby Hardin

In memory of Dan Fout

In memory of Betty Waidelich

Paul & Jennifer Dickey

Robert & Pamela Barrett

Village Cafe

Carol Reichelderfer

Ryan Dieter

In honor of Tim & Heidi Woods

In memory of David & Luella Bolender

Saltcreek Valley Grange #2314

[Any changes needed to the acknowlegements listed above,

contact Steve McAfee at steve.mcafee@loganelm.org]

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