A Global Voice of Peace


"Peace Intention"

We Need Your Voice of Peace


11 minutes at 11 am...
Every Sunday wherever you are...

Peace Intention

When creating “your clear vision of peace” be specific with what your heart desires.

Our minds are extremely powerful! How we think directly affects our moods, view of the world, and life!  Your words, thoughts, images, memory, and five senses evoke a certain feeling in setting an intention.

Sharing your vision world-wide at the same time, on a regular basis, the group energy becomes a powerful connection to the intention and to each other.

The more we share, the greater the possibility of peace!
Will Continue On The 11th Of Every Month
As A Reminder, A Practice, A Belief, An Activity,
That A New Way Will Be Realized
Please pass this on any way you can….

On this day
May we hear the sounds of Peaceful Silence
As we pray
For all Countries, Lands, Cultures, and Peoples from All walks of life,
To lay down the Arms of Battle
Lift up their Arms of Peace...
Embrace the wondrous Diversity of us All
Behold the awesome Oneness of Creation....

A Global Voice of Peace
Invites You to
11 minutes of Prayer at 11 am New York Time ...
11 represents the date and is a symbol of the 2 World Trade Towers side by side,
11/11 is also a symbol of Peace

SEND OUT every ounce of your LOVE'S LIGHT as ONE PEOPLE
to the sites in New York, Pentagon, Pittsburgh, 
and wherever there is war

A GLOBAL VOICE of Love's Light EMBRACING all those spirits buried there,
those who are injured, their families, and
the planet who have suffered a great loss

EMANATE from those sites out
to the far reaches of the UNIVERSE
with an energy so powerful
that it will shift the planet's axis

Blessings on our Planet...In Peaceful Spirit...Gylian Solay, MS 
My good friend and mentor, Dr. Jean Houston, supports this initiative
Contact: gylian@agvop.com

A Global Voice of Peace is a hub, a conduit
connecting people and peace initiatives world-wide... 
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