New for 2022 ANRC National Championship Teams!


We are on a mission to empower equestrians

by helping them learn from the best trainers and teachers in the sport.

Focus on the Journey Award 

by Equestrian Masterclass  

Noëlle Floyd is presenting this award to one rider from each college, university, and high school attending the 2022 ANRC Championship. This award recognizes the rider who continually strives to educate themselves, further their riding and horsemanship, and is eager to learn. This rider, who will be selected by their peers, prioritizes the journey of riding and horsemanship over show results and encourages others to be the best they can be.

The seven riders selected will be presented a Noëlle Floyd Equestrian Masterclass gift card that entitles them to a one year membership to the on-line Equestrian Masterclass series.


Click HERE for the Official Program and Schedule.

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