November/December 2022

Dear Share The Care Supporters,
As we start toward a New Year, we need to prepare financially for new opportunities. The aging population surge has arrived, there are shortages serious shortages of health professionals (some retired, others are burned out) and also not enough nurse’s Aides to staff nursing homes and assisted living. Share The Care’s Time Has Finally Come!!!   
We have plans to push for the STC book to be updated for a third edition. We have accumulated new material that can guide specific types of groups: groups caring for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia; the older adults without family who live alone, just to name a few. A new edition would generate a NEW surge for STC now often referred to as “The Classic in Caregiving.”
Recently, thanks to several generous last-minute Board donations, Phyllis Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC and I were able to travel to Baltimore, MD to pick up where we left off pre-pandemic with Planetree International. We attended their most recent conference to reconnect in person, deliver a presentation, network and man a booth. 80 very engaged professionals came to our breakout session, and many dropped by our booth with questions and to purchase a copy of STC. Best of all, we left with the promise of a ZOOM meeting with Planetree’s new COO and new Director of Marketing. 
Our goal has been to introduce Share The Care™ to hospitals and offer ways our model could serve as a cost-effective, viable solution for making a patient’s discharge back into their community safer, smoother and help to prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions. Planetree International has a 40-year reputation for being a global forerunner to a modern movement for Patient Centered Care and how it changed a patient’s entire hospital experience the minute they walked through the door. They certify hospitals around the world in patient-centered care. We felt that STC’s customized caregiving, structured systems and philosophy for teams to organize and maintain their efforts long term were a perfect match.
Nothing is as scary for someone, thrust into the role of a first-time caregiver, as receiving discharge instructions that sound like Greek to them. Without support, that caregiver can easily become overwhelmed, call 911 and BOOM...the patient is back in the hospital. Yet, with one or two members from their STC group were with them during discharge to help by taking notes, asking questions and absorbing instructions, the process could be a godsend for caregiver and patient.
This year, please be as generous as you possibly can and consider a tax-deductible donation of $100, $500, $1,000 or $5,000 now and support our efforts to make more people aware of the model and have it become part of hospital discharge. 
To donate online go to: and click on SUPPORT US or you can mail a check payable to:
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Sheila Warnock, Founder & CEO
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