Arnold Athlete Email #2

Miss an email or need to refer to a past one, they will be posted on the Arnold website for your convenience under the Athlete menu:
The following schedule is TENTATIVE.
We are finalizing the start times of Friday & Saturday C-Pod events. All Main Stage event times are set. Sunday C-pod events are set.
Review the roster(s) to see which session you are assigned to:


Lifters, only half have updated your bios!!! We want to do you right during the livestream commentating. Please provide us with information about you so we can highlight you during your time on the platform!

Coaches Warm-up Room Passes:

Passes are now available and can be purchased up to the weigh in session for your flight. For those who competed in Daytona, these passes are the same. They are transferable, so if you purchase one for a coach and they are not able to attend, you can hand the pass to another coach.

All coaches must be current USA Powerlifting members.
Barbell Production Photography
Barbell Production Photography will be the official photographer for the Arnold events. You can pre-purchase your photography packages here.
2022 USA Powerlifting Membership
All lifters and coaches must have a current 2022 USA Powerlifting membership. If you have not renewed, please take a moment to renew now.  

Membership Renewal HERE
Please use the ATHLETE CHANGE FORM to change your weight class, withdraw from an event or to register your coaches.   

You must register your coach so they have access to the warm-up room during your session.

Please pay attention to the deadlines for registering coaches as well as weight class changes.

It is important to remember that our events are drug tested. If you take ANY medication for any reason, you must verify if it if your medication is permitted or prohibited. If prohibited, a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) application must be submitted. T

Verify medication(s) through here:
Enter: Athlete > Weightlifting > then your medication.

Additionally, many pre-workouts contain prohibited substances, whether declared on the ingredient labels or a hidden (contaminated) substance within the product. You as the athlete are responsible for what you put in your body and may cause a failure, this happened a few years ago at the Arnold. Consumer beware and only use products that are third party tested to help protect yourself.
Please visit our FAQ section of the website for more answers to common questions.

Additionally, we will be sending out more emails as we get closer the event, including where to check in, session start times, professional photography information.
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