August 2022
The Creative Arts Temple regretfully announces the Shabbat Service this Friday, August 5th has been canceled.

We will resume our Shabbat Services on Friday, September 2, 2022 at 6:00 pm PST.

Jerry Cutler
Rabbi's Message

Within a few short weeks, our congregation and throughout the world, Jews will gather in prayer as the New Year begins. We remember the nobility of our heritage and our obligations to Jewry and all humanity. On Rosh Hashanah, we hear the shofar which reminds us of our shared destiny, when all Jews stood together as one at Mt. Sinai and entered a mutual covenant.

We hear the words of prayer summoning us to improve our lives.

We hear the teachings of the Torah which express the values and ideals of our heritage.

We hear the voice of G-d calling upon us to do acts of justice and kindness.

We hear the challenge to improve this world for all G-d’s children.

We hear the cries which remind us of our commitments to Jews in Israel and throughout the world.

May the shofar stir us to compassion, to generosity, to mutual respect, to partnership with Israel and to participate in building a world at peace.


Rabbi Jerry


CAT FNL (Friday Night Live) on Facebook Live

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We will be meeting on
Friday, Aug 5, 2022, at 6 PM PST CANCELLED

Save The Date - Next service:
Friday, September 2, 2022, at 6 PM PST


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This is a Streamlined Shabbat Service with special guests. You will be able to chat with us, share any news from your week, or send a virtual hug all via Facebook.

We will be chanting the Mishabeirach for global healing and reciting the Kaddish for the current yahrzeits. If you have the names of loved ones you would like to include, please let us know.

The Creative Arts Temple

is once again preparing for our

High Holidays 2022 Services.

We look forward to celebrating the High Holidays with you!

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Roots Music & Beyond
KPFK 90.7 FM
6-8 a.m.

New Christy Minstrels, Art Podell, was a Greenwich Village folk singer in 1958. In the rush to capitalize on the folk boom, Columbia Records signed Podell and partner Paul Potash and, as the duo “Art & Paul,” they released two albums in 1960 and ’61, which are sought-after today by folk music aficionados.

"I thought I was watching and listening to Will Rogers with an Ivy League education and maybe that's true, but your humor and songs - both touching and delightful - was better and much more enjoyable than his lasso"
-Herb Freed, Film-maker, novelist, and friend 
If you are a fan of the classic folk music of the fifties/sixties, this might be the program for you. 
Add to that some flavors of old-time jazz and bluegrass. We'll be catering to your musical pallets while offering some wonderful premiums to help support KPFK.
Roots Music & Beyond celebrates ten years on air in March!
Third Saturday host: Art Podell,a bona fide Greenwich Village folkie, one-half of the legendary duo Art and Paul and an original member of The New Christy Minstrels, and Professor.

For information & booking requests, contact:
Matt Aaron Krinsky
Our good friend, Broadway, film and television actress, Barbara Minkus has a new show called
18 Minutes of Fame.

While searching for fame, Barbara found
the more meaningful things in life.
In this acclaimed one-woman show, Broadway, film, and television singer/actress Barbara Minkus shares an intimate evening of personal moments, funny and poignant songs, and her remarkable stories working with such luminaries as Danny Kaye, Merv Griffin, Jerry Lewis, and Charlotte Rae.
Featuring a variety of show-stopping songs, this 90-minute multi-media musical (with live piano accompaniment) incorporates film, graphics, recordings, and photos to showcase Barbara’s exceptional journey of love, life, difficult decisions, family dynamics, and so much more.
Please enjoy these clips from this critically acclaimed show:

Fern Field Brooks, author of Letters to My Husband, has written a new meowmoir on her cat called Destiny's Children. You can order this charming book at Temple members and friends can add "Temple Member" to your shipping instructions and 10% of all sales will go to C.A.T.

"LOVED IT! A clever and refreshing approach to a memoir!"
Mary Lou Belli, Director, Author, Teacher

"Wow! Destiny is incredible! I read it in two evenings and was absolutely enthralled. This book is one in a million!"
Laurel D. - Miami

"I Love Destiny and Fern! I was concerned for Destiny on every adventure, felt relieved when all was well, and eagerly await the rest of the series! Engaging. Charming. Insightful - about cats and humans!"

Dr. Linda Seger, Author, Script Consultant, Lecturer

Burial Plots for Sale
In Mount Sinai Memorial Parks and Mortuaries
Garden of Moriah
Hollywood Hills
Original Price: $30,000 Asking Price: $24,000 Or Best Offer

For more information contact the Temple Office at 310-720-9618

Did You Know?

New technology can heat and cool your house using nothing but air
With energy prices rising rapidly, a new startup could have the answer - technology that harnesses energy from fluctuations in humidity to cool and heat buildings at half the current price.
By Brian Blum  JULY 6, 2022, 10:20 AM

Imagine if you could heat or cool your home just by plucking the desired comfort level out of the air. Literally.

Israeli startup ThermoTerra is turning that vision into a novel renewable energy system that harvests energy from fluctuations in humidity.

“Water vapor in the air that’s absorbed onto or into an absorptive material transfers a significant amount of energy,” explains ThermoTerra founder and CEO Dror Zchori.

We know this intuitively. When water evaporates, it causes a cooling effect. Think about the human body – when we’re hot, we produce sweat which, when it evaporates, keeps us from overheating.

When water vapor is absorbed or condenses on a material, the opposite occurs – it generates heat.

On a hot day, ThermoTerra’s technology brings ambient warm and dry air into a home or office. It is stored inside the insulation of the building’s walls — hempcrete, silica gel, or wood wool insulation absorbs humidity especially well, Zchor says. When the air subsequently evaporates, it absorbs energy and cools the building.

When temperatures are cooler, cold and humid air is brought in; as it’s absorbed, it warms the air, heating the home or office.

“It’s a natural phenomenon,” Zchori says.

The ThermoTerra system is controlled by sensors embedded in the walls. Smart algorithms monitor when to bring in hot or cold air and when to release it. The algorithms learn owner preferences and automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. They can also tap into external weather forecasts.
“If it’s very hot now but the system knows that in a week it will be cold, it can store water in advance,” Zchori says.

The need for new technologies like ThermoTerra is indisputable: Some 40 percent of the world’s building energy is spent on heating and cooling, and buildings represent 30% of the world’s energy usage.

Three components

To work its magic, ThermoTerra requires integrating a structure of ducts and conduits into a new wall. In existing buildings, a new façade with built-in insulation and ducts can be added to the walls.

This may take up a few inches, but the environmental impact and financial savings are significant: Zchori estimates that incorporating ThermoTerra technology into a building’s construction can reduce heating and cooling costs by half “and even to zero in some cases.”

A smart fan inserted into the wall, controlled by the algorithms, moves the hot or cold air around as required. This is the only part of the system that requires electricity.

ThermoTerra’s system is composed of three main components:
1.       Storage reservoir – special absorption material packed inside a wall with air channels designed for maximum airflow.
2.       A system of fans, ducts, and dampers.
3.       ActiveMemBrain consists of IoT smart sensors, the controller, algorithms, and cloud computing.

Using special materials that can absorb a large amount of water, combined with the company’s patent-pending control system, ThermoTerra uses humidity variations to “charge” the insulation material – making it drier in winter or damper in summer – and then force air through the material to release hot or cold air as necessary.

By constantly passing such ambient air through its system, ThermoTerra smooths out the peaks and troughs so that both temperature and humidity cycles are shallower, resulting in a more comfortable environment.

A real impact

Zchori came up with the idea for ThermoTerra when he was building his own green home in Amirim, a rural Galilee community known for its environmental consciousness and where ThermoTerra is now headquartered.

“I put in all the technology I knew to make a zero-energy home,” Zchori tells ISRAEL21c.

“The house was totally off the grid. I didn’t use any wood or any other energy. So, in the winter, I was cold.”

Zchori’s background in biotechnology, agriculture, mechanical engineering, and green construction led him to realize that he could implement humidity cooling and heating using “natural, simple and available material, rather than rare elements or sophisticated materials we need to import.”

Zchori points out that if you leave a newspaper out in the sun, “it will become very dry and crunchy. If you put it in a ‘wet’ room, it absorbs a bit of humidity and becomes flexible again.”

This principle is common to all manner of materials. Traditional mud and clay buildings are very good at keeping the cold out and the heat in using humidity.
By tapping into the natural fluctuations in humidity, Zchori discovered he could increase the temperature in his home from 12 degrees Celsius (53.6 Fahrenheit) to 26 C (78.8 F).

Zchori’s house turned out to not be such a good proof-of-concept, he notes. “It’s a special house. I wanted to show that our approach could work on more common buildings, where we could make a real impact.”

A change in the world
Zchori founded ThermoTerra in 2015 with patent attorney Jeremy Rutman and data analysis expert Yonatan Nathan. The company employs five people.
Money has come from the Israeli Ministry of Energy, the Israel Innovation Authority, and the founders. The company is currently applying for an EU research grant.

ThermoTerra also received funding from the Quantum Hub accelerator of which Israeli air conditioning manufacturer Tadiran is a sponsor.

“We talked with their engineers about collaborating on reducing the amount of energy needed to solve their humidity problems,” Zchori says.

The team is passionate about what they’re doing.

“A very good programmer came to us early on,” Zchori says. “I said to him, we don’t have money to pay salaries. He said, ‘I’m not interested in a salary. I’ve been working for years for a credit card company on AI that will make people buy more. I want to make a change in the world.’”

Harnessing humidity

Zchori estimates it will cost around $3,400 to get a 100-square-meter private home up and running with humidity fluctuation heating and cooling.
Added-value services will cover smoke and gas leak detection and indoor air pollution monitoring and filtering.

ThermoTerra won’t be designing its own insulation. “We don’t want to be the one to build the passive part of the system. So, we’ll collaborate with contractors,” Zchori says.

The company is now seeking such a collaboration, as it is in the product development phase with experiments in different parts of Israel.
Going forward, Zchori can imagine ThermoTerra being used to cool cars. “When a car is sitting in the sun, it gets hot. We can cool it using evaporative water that’s harvested overnight.”

Whether in a car, a home or someplace even Zchori hasn’t thought of yet, “cooling and heating is a basic need. We are giving the power to the people to make their houses self-cooling and self-heating.”

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