CDOIQ Symposium Agenda is now available
We are pleased to announce that the 2022 CDOIQ Symposium Agenda is now available and will be posted at As always, we truly have an outstanding lineup of seasoned experts and speakers in the industry, as well as valued partners.
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Great news! The CDOIQ Symposium, now on it's 16th year, is offering Early Bird discounts for both virtual and in-person registration. Register ASAP!
The Steps Toward Data Intelligence
The 4 Pillars of Data Intelligence
Companies today handle a lot of data. If that sounds familiar, you probably struggle with the feeling of data overwhelm: Having so much data, you don’t have a good idea about all the types you have or where it comes from. You may get it from data lakes, SaaS systems, data processors, or third-party sources.

While on the surface having a lot of data is often seen as a good thing, in reality it presents a new set of challenges. You may be powerless to use the data you’ve collected due to the volume, sprawl, and unexpected types. This sheer volume of data also presents unique challenges for many stakeholders in your organization. However, perhaps the biggest problem is that not using or understanding your data sets you up for compliance risks.

Simply put, you need to understand your data better. From what you have, how it’s used, and the policies and compliance requirements that apply to it, data intelligence needs to be a priority. You can use the four pillars of data intelligence to do just that.
Annual Data and AI Leadership Executive Survey
By NewVantage Partners, A Wavestone Company

The theme of the 2022 executive survey is The Quest to Achieve Data-Driven Leadership: A Progress Report on the State of Corporate Data Initiatives.
The 2022 survey, the 10th since its inception in 2012, reflects a record number of participating organizations – 94 Fortune 1000 or leading organizations.
2021 MIT CDOIQ Symposium Proceedings
The 2021 CDOIQ Symposium Proceedings has a link to the session recordings and is now available for purchase with special 50% discount using CDOIQDEAL50%. The Proceedings fee is $250, but you only pay $125.