1 February 2023

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Campaign Results 2023

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Generosity is the best way of becoming

more, more, and more joyful"

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, The Book of Joy


2022 Campaign Results

(Goal $1,500,000)

FaithWorks $1,434,100

Spirit Garden $41,800

Total $1,475,900


Parishes $871,700

Individuals $232,500

Corporations/Foundations $234,900

"Over $400,000 was raised via direct mail or on-line giving appeals. This is unprecedented in the history of FaithWorks"

Peter Misiaszek, Director of Stewardship Development

After a stellar 2021, celebrating FaithWorks' 25th anniversary with the 100+1% Challenge, the FaithWorks 2022 campaign held its own against the post-Covid headwind.

At the same time the requests for assistance from FaithWorks in 2023 have increased by 35%. Inflation, a looming recession and increased economic vulnerability for many people continue to make these challenging times.

Thank you to all our donors for their generosity

in 2022.

We ask for your continuing generosity in 2023.


A $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant for 2023


A generous donor has offered a $100,000 matching challenge grant for all new and increased donations. That means for every dollar raised over last year’s amount, by an individual or parish, FaithWorks receives an extra dollar. We encourage you to make a special effort this year –


doing a little more can make twice the difference.


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FaithWorks Sermon or Presentation

To assist and inspire, you can arrange for a sermon, presentation or visit by representatives of our ministry partners, the Director of Stewardship Development, Peter Misiaszek, or me, by contacting the FaithWorks Speakers Bureau at



If you wish to highlight your Parish's events in support of FaithWorks, please forward the details to faithworks@toronto.anglican.ca


FaithWorks Videos

The FaithWorks website, faithworks.ca has been updated with new videos to promote FaithWorks and our ministry partners. There are short, medium and long videos to include in your parish's online presence or in-person gatherings. They can be downloaded directly from the website.


Peter Mentis (he/him)
FaithWorks Campaign Manager

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We build healthy, missional Anglican communities that engage faithfully with the world and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I acknowledge that my office resides on the territory of sovereign Indigenous Nations, the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat. I acknowledge especially the Mississaugas of the Credit and the Toronto Treaties.

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