Tis The Season to Water Your Trees,

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  • Yay! Our precipitation has improved over the last few weeks in Colorado!!! it does take up to 5 gallons of water 2 times a month to sufficiently water your trees in in our state. So while we have been getting some good moisture lately just keep that in mind as the winter rolls on.

  • It is important to Water trees, shrubs, lawns, and perennials during prolonged, dry fall and winter periods, to prevent root damage that affects the health of the entire plant.

  • Water only when air and soil temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, with no snow cover. This will allow the roots to absorb the moisture before freezing temperatures at night

  • If you have a live Christmas tree, water it daily. A 6-foot Christmas tree requires at least one gallon of water each day to stay fresh.

Why Water Your Trees In The Winter?

Here in Colorado, It gets cold outside during our winter months. Just like your skin, our outdoor plants need protection from the cold, dry air as well. Watering is not just necessary during our hot, dry months.

Wavering temperatures and low soil moisture can cause trees to get damaged if they are not properly watered. Many of you know that 12" of snow only equals 1" of water. Our snow fall in Colorado, even during our very snowy years, is not enough to water our trees and shrubs efficiently. Having a consistent watering routine throughout the winter months will build fibrous roots and boost your trees health significantly. When your trees or shrubs are stressed they release pheromones' that attract insects and pests. Keeping these plants well watered and healthy helps decrease the stress on your plants.

Your plants may not show any outward signs of stress right away, but without supplemental watering, the root system of the plant will die back. Signs of damage may not appear until late summer.

Help your plants survive and thrive this winter! Get a free estimate today.

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The Mites That Stole The Lawn!!!!

Keep an eye on your lawn as these friends of the Grinch are waiting for your lawn to dry up!!

When the ground gets dry, Lawn Mites populate very quickly and thrive on the grass blades. They are extremely small, but cause a large amount of unsightly damage to turf. December-March is when we need to treat the lawn for the growing population. We treat with a series of three applications to gain control before they destroy your grass. It can be hard to notice the damage they are doing during the winter months will be very obvious as things start to sprout and bloom.

Avoid fighting with your lawn next season and ask us to to fight the battle for you.

Lawn Mite Treatment Estimate

Here Is a Cool Thing We Do!

If we are scheduled to be at your house performing a tree removal or pruning service during the month of December through February, and you are done with your Christmas Tree, you can place your UNDECORATED Tree outside and we will chip your tree for FREE!

Want to participate in this? Contact the office with your proposal number and let us know your tree will be outside. We will add the tree pick up to your work order.

Offer only valid day of scheduled service. December-February only.

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Holiday Spirit

Looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit? or help those in need? MaxFund is a non-profit, NO KILL shelter and adoption center established in 1988. Challenging the traditional methods of animal sheltering by leading the NO KILL movement in Colorado. They take in and nurture injured animals with no known owner and strive to give these animals, injured, abandoned and abused, a second chance at life. Once they are recovered and healthy enough, MaxFund finds loving forever homes for these animals.

This holiday season consider supporting MaxFund at their Holiday Open House. Saturday, December 10, 2022 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. There will be a Holiday celebration and tours at each MaxFund location! Meet Santa for holiday photos at the dog shelter at 1005 Galapago St. You can also enjoy some seasonal snacks, beverages, a bake sale, and holiday Shoppe.

MaxFund Donations
Holiday Open House

Holiday Fun

Parade of Lights

Dec 03 6:00 PM

This FREE holiday spectacular features more than 40 units including extravagantly illuminated floats, giant helium-filled character balloons, magnificent marching bands, traditional equestrian units, and vibrant cultural displays. And of course, a special appearance by Major Waddles the Penguin and Santa!

Parade Details

Blossoms of Light

Nov 18- Jan 7 4:30 PM- 9 PM

This is the Botanic Gardens’ signature event for more than three decades! This annual holiday lights extravaganza, transforms our York Street location into a twinkling winter wonderland. Join us for this family-friendly event that has become a holiday tradition in Denver for thousands of families. All lights used in the event are LED.

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