Dear Neighbors, 

We all recognize the challenges our neighborhoods face because Denver's transportation infrastructure has not kept up with the pace of growth in our city. I've been working hard to identify and implement solutions to this challenge, in partnership with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. Not only has my office funded three traffic studies (along 8th Avenue, 6th Avenue, and Dayton Street) to identify community priorities for safety enhancements along the roads, I have also worked in partnership with DOTI to build more sidewalks, add RRFB flashing crosswalk lights at dangerous intersections, add stoplights, and consider other traffic safety solutions in our neighborhoods.

Please read on to learn about some of the improvements coming to District 5 this year and next! As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to our office with questions or comments, or if there is anything we can do to assist you!


Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer

District 5

6th Ave & S Dayton St Traffic Studies


Our traffic studies of 6th Ave and S Dayton St are in full swing. Fehr and Peers, the traffic engineers, have collected data on both the roadways and we've scheduled a public meeting to discuss the data that were collected.

Those meetings will be on Tuesday, June 28th. The 6th Ave Data Collection meeting will be from 6 PM to 7 PM and the S Dayton St meeting will be from 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM.

Once the feedback from the communities in those meetings is gathered we will hold two more meetings to discuss the Recommendations that Fehr and Peers came up with and how the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure plans to implement those changes.

Those meetings will be held on Tuesday, August 30th. The 6th Ave Recommendations meeting will be from 6 to 7 PM and the S Dayton St meeting will be from 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM.

We hope everyone can attend these meetings and weigh in on the improvements but we will post each of them to our Facebook page in case anyone can't attend!

6th Ave Data Collection June 28, 6:00 - 7:00 PM
S Dayton St Data CollectionJune 28, 7:15 - 8:15 PM
6th Ave RecommendationsAugust 30, 6:00 - 7:00 PM
S Dayton St Recommendations August 30, 7:15 - 8:00 PM

Newport & Alameda Stoplight


In 2019, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure identified funding to install a new traffic signal, the best option to provide a safe pedestrian crossing from the Denver Academy of Torah across Alameda. Signal design and construction typically requires two or three years, and staff met with the Denver Academy of Torah leadership that fall to share details about the signal project and the project timeline. Design of the signal was completed in late 2021, and DOTI brought a contractor on board to complete the work on this signal and several others in December 2021. The signal project will be built this year, and will include a full signal with no-touch pedestrian call timing, new pedestrian curb ramps, crosswalks, and left-turn pockets in both the east and west directions.


13th and 14th Traffic Calming Improvements


The improvements follow recommendations for the corridors in the East Area Plan, adopted in 2020. Through extensive public outreach and involvement, starting in 2017, CPD's East and East Central Area Plans both identified 13th and 14th Avenues for multimodal safety improvements to advance citywide Vision Zero goals.

Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) began design of improvements focused at key intersections along each corridor in 2021, and construction will occur this spring. These will include new on-street striping, signage, and vertical posts to that help slow vehicle turning movements, limit pedestrian exposure to traffic and provide greater visibility of on-coming cars.  Slated to be completed this year, community members will see installation of these and other safety improvements at nine intersections in District 5 as shown in the graphic below. These include: 

  • Colorado Blvd & 14th Ave
  • Cherry St & 13th Ave 
  • Cherry St & 14th Ave
  • Krameria St & 13th Ave
  • Krameria St & 14th Ave
  • Verbena St & 13th Ave
  • Verbena St & 14th Ave
  • Uinta St & 13th Ave
  • Uinta St & 14th Ave

Here is a photo of what the improvements will look like, which was just installed on 14th and Glencoe:

Jackson Street Storm Drain Project


Later this year, DOTI will continue construction of the multi-phase underground stormwater project stretching from East Colfax across Colorado Blvd to Ash Street. The project provides improved flood protection for residents in several neighborhoods of East Denver.  

Connecting to a stormwater pipe recently installed along Jackson St near the National Jewish Hospital that occurred over the last two years, this project phase will install more high-capacity storm pipe under portions of 14th Ave and the eastern half of Colorado Blvd.  Some road closures are expected to take place during construction. Current project information can be found on the project webpage including information about upcoming closures.

The multi-phase project creates a better storm drain system to carry water through what was a long-buried stream system known as the Montclair drainage basin. This section of expanded stormwater pipes is essential in providing improved flood protection to the Montclair, Hale, and Congress Park neighborhoods.

Future phases will continue these same stormwater improvements under 12th Ave and Ash St and install a new linear park along Hale Parkway.  

Street Paving


You may have seen Holly Street receiving some much needed treatment in April, but there are many other areas of D5 that will be getting fresh paving this year! We've included several useful documents below so that you can see where the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is planning to repave the roads:

2022 Paving Plan for District 5

2022 Paving Plan Citywide

5 Year Paving Plan for District 5

5 Year Paving Plan Citywide

Sidewalk Improvement Program


Council District 5 is getting some essential sidewalk gaps filled this summer. Denver’s sidewalk network is critical to achieve the City goal of providing a walkable environment that is safe and comfortable for all users and treats all users with dignity. New sidewalk will be installed at the following locations:


E. 6th Avenue Parkway from Colorado Boulevard to Albion Street and Ash Street to Bellaire Street

North side of E. 6th Avenue Parkway at Clermont Street

West side of Albion Street from E. 5th Avenue to E. 6th Avenue Parkway

West side of Bellaire Street from E. 5th Avenue to E. 6th Avenue Parkway

West side of Clermont Street from E. 5th Avenue to north side of E. 6th Avenue Parkway, extending north for one property 

Monaco Parkway:

West side of Monaco Parkway from E. 6th Avenue Parkway to E. 1st Avenue, as well as northeast corner of E. 4th Avenue and Monaco Parkway (see below for more information)


Monaco Parkway at E. 10th Avenue

Monaco Parkway at E. 12th Avenue

South side of E. 11th Avenue from Magnolia Street to Niagara Street  


Denver’s Sidewalk Construction Program is focused on constructing sidewalks where there are gaps in the sidewalk network. With more than 300 miles of missing sidewalks today, new locations to construct sidewalk need to be selected and prioritized. Sidewalk locations are prioritized based on criteria established the Denver Moves: Pedestrians and Trails plan, focusing on and near streets with many crashes, providing sidewalk access to transit stops, and connections to important community destinations such as schools, parks and grocery stores. 

The new sidewalks will include crosswalk ramps at each intersection. The sidewalks will be 5 feet to 8 feet wide depending on the street type and amount of traffic it carries, with higher traffic volumes requiring wider walks for more safety and pedestrian comfort. Where possible, sidewalks will also get a tree lawn between the walk path and street for added comfort.

Adjacent residents and property owners should expect to get notification several months in advance, so they have a chance to coordinate and ask questions with city staff before any construction begins. Upcoming work in Council District 5 will be funded through Elevate Denver Bond funds. Project information about this citywide program can be found at:

Sidewalk Construction on Quebec Street


A 2-mile stretch of sidewalk gaps are currently under design along both sides of Quebec Street between 12th Avenue and Montview Boulevard, as well as along 17th Avenue between Monaco and Rosemary streets.

In addition to the sidewalks, DOTI also plans to install ADA-compliant ramps, improve five transit stops along Quebec Street, and upgrade the traffic signal at Quebec and 17th Avenue. The sidewalks are currently under design, with opportunities for community input and questions. Construction is set to commence sometime next year (2023). You can sign up to receive regular updates at or get in touch with the City with questions by signing up for office hours or calling the hotline number: 720-460-9055.

Two Neighborhood Bikeways


The City is working with communities to create a complete multimodal transportation network in Denver through the Community Transportation Network Plan. This is an ongoing strategy for planning multimodal networks, and rapidly building out 125 miles of low-stress bikeways.


As part of this plan, Neighborhood Bikeway projects along Kearney/Krameria Streets and E 12th Avenue have been funded to help improve mobility in the neighborhoods of Council District 5. Neighborhood Bikeways are different from bike lanes. Rather than creating a striped lane for bicyclists to be separated from traffic, neighborhood bikeways run along local roads, and make the whole roadway more comfortable for bicyclists through designs that slow and limit traffic. Neighborhood Bikeways are outfitted with signage and traffic calming measures such as traffic circles, curb extensions, and diverters along the roadways to make them more comfortable for people walking, biking and scooting.


The planned bicycle network in CD-5 is displayed on the map below, with the Kearney/Krameria St and E 12th Ave corridors highlighted. The Neighborhood Bikeways will create much better north-south and east-west connections for pedestrians and bicyclists through east Denver.  Focus will be on making it easier to cross and navigate through busy intersections. Additional project information for each corridor can be found here: 12th Avenue and Kearney/Krameria.

Community Outreach Process Recap:

12th Avenue:

  • Two Virtual Open House community meetings were hosted in 2021 on March 23rd and May 25th
  • Project information was distributed to the Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs) along the corridor and included in neighborhood newsletters  
  • A robust community comment period followed the second Open House, that included the Konveio surveying platform as well as a Concept survey where community members provided feedback on the design and comments were received on the overall project


  • Two Virtual Open House community meetings were hosted in 2021 on May 11th and July 15th
  • In addition to the Open House meetings, the project team hosted a special stakeholder and RNO-specific meeting on May 25th, 2021
  • Project information was distributed to the Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs) along the corridor and included in neighborhood newsletters
  • A robust community comment period followed the second Open House where community members provided feedback on the design and comments were received on the overall project comments were received on the project via the Konveio surveying platform
  • The project team also conducted a Concept Survey where over 350 survey comments were received
  • There is a self-guided meeting you can watch a brief presentation and learn how to add comments directly on the design by going to: The comment period will be open from May 25 - June 17, 2022

Project Next Steps

The City will be looking for additional public input on details of the bikeway design later this spring. If you are not yet on the project email list for these projects, please email [email protected] to be added. Both projects are expected to be installed by the end of 2023.

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