ITRC's Ethylene Oxide Emissions and Sediment Cap Update 2022 Project Teams are seeking new members! Read more about the background and goals of the teams below!
Ethylene Oxide Emissions
Join ITRC's Ethylene Oxide Emissions (EtO) team now as it explores background EtO to better differentiate between point and nonpoint source emissions, and the various methods used to analyze EtO. The team's direction and focus will evolve as the team forms, but ultimately the team aims to create comprehensive and consistent resources on when, where, and how to analyze and manage EtO. Come be a part of this exploratory team!

For more information on the EtO team, please visit the team page on ITRC's website.
Sediment Cap Update
A lot has changed since the 2014 ITRC Contaminated Sediments Remediation Guidance was published. We need your help in identifying recent advancements, cap impacts from extreme weather events, and more details on key design considerations of capping design and monitoring. Join ITRC's Sediment Cap Update team now and bring your ideas as a team member to help improve the technical and regulatory information available on this science!

For more information on the Sediment Cap Update team, please visit the team page on ITRC's website.

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  • All Industry Members need to be registered for ITRC's 2022 Industry Affiliates Program in order to be eligible for new team registration. For more information or to request an invoice, please contact Project Manager Evan Madden at emadden@ecos.org.

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