2022 Eva Rosow Award Nominations
Nominations are due by Monday, October 24th at 5 PM
The Eva Rosow Award of Excellence is an award that recognizes a female member of CREW-San Antonio who is a model of excellence to the CREW membership and the commercial real estate community. Award recipients act as mentors within our organization and are committed to enhancing positions in the field of commercial real estate. The award is named for Eva Rosow, a pioneer for women in the field of commercial real estate. Her career began in the 1930's and spanned over four decades within San Antonio. All members are eligible except for the current and immediate past presidents.

Symbolism of the Eva Rosow Award

SKYLINE OF SAN ANTONIO – DEPICTS MANY COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, FROM THE Alamodome to small, old anonymous buildings. Shows the wide variety of styles and periods and uses in the vibrant downtown area of San Antonio. Identifies itself clearly with this particular city and time. 
WINDOWS - symbolize the mentor relationship. Like a mentor, a window connects one entity to another. It connects something small (an indoor space) to something large (all of outdoors—the world). As a window lets in light and visibility of the world beyond, a mentor brings information and knowledge of the larger world of a company, an industry, and the whole business world. As a window protects from the elements, a mentor protects from harmful outside influences and circumstances. Like windows, mentors come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and degrees of complexity and ages.   
SPECIFIC WINDOWS – From left to right, looking at the front of the award, these are the six (6) windows:  
  • THE ALAMO - symbol of endurance, courage, perseverance, honor. All qualities which a mentor has and passes on, all qualities that anyone in commercial real estate needs. Also, the Alamo symbolizes the coming together of opposite sides to cooperate, and it is the quintessential symbol of San Antonio and of Texas. It was once a piece of commercial real estate, and its presence now draws tourists, who support a whole lot of commercial real estate here in San Antonio.  
  • LALO’s CAFÉ (formerly) - the first building she drew in San Antonio, back in 1975. At the time it was a disreputable dive of a joint, very crummy looking and decrepit. Now it is a trendy tourist bar in Market Square. It is a long-time piece of commercial real estate and has had many incarnations.  
  • ST. ANTHONY HOTEL – a large, enduring, and beloved San Antonio landmark, scene of many commercial real estate deals over the years and a grand piece of commercial real estate itself.  
  • TRAVIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – where her daughter went to school for 5 years. It is not a piece of commercial real estate, but it educates young people, some of whom will grow up to be involved in commercial real estate in one way or another.  
  • GENERIC MODERN WINDOW – very plain and simple, but still able to function to let in light and information and protect from the elements. Young and strong and made of modern materials, as some mentors are.  
  • STAACKE STEVENS BUILDING - historic landmark building downtown. It has housed stores, restaurants and offices. A beautiful piece of enduring commercial real estate that has served many functions.  
THE GLASS AWARD ITSELF – Since the theme of the award is “windows,” it is appropriate that the award be made of glass. It is heavy, thick glass that can withstand a lot of pressure. Its base is wood - a natural material that is used in many buildings and grows on a lot of commercial real estate, making it more valuable in many instances. The award itself, although it looks light and is quiet and refined, is very heavy, durable, grounded, and no-nonsense. It is very stable and strong. Yet it can be shattered in many pieces and should be protected, just like a business reputation for high ethics, like Eva Rosow had. 
For questions about nominations, contact:
Dawn Vernon
2022 Immediate Past President
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