FIRST Newsletter | June-July 2022
3-July-2022 | Issue 20 |
New FIRST Plot Hosts in 2022
FIRST operates with the help and support of farmer members who host the FIRST trials on their farms. New hosts for the 2022 season are listed here.

FIRST farmer members' dedication, communication, and interest make the FIRST trials possible. FIRST hosts do not receive compensation other than the grain from harvested trials and provide all inputs for the plot according to their normal management practice. They are motivated by insights into seed performance on their farms and to benefit data-driven farm decision makers throughout the corn belt. Tremendous thanks to all of them.
2022 New FIRST Plot Hosts
2022 FIRST Planting Dates Interactive Map plus updated
The 2022 Program is ready for harvest action this fall: locations, regions, and products tested information PDFs are loaded on the homepage of Check for updates throughout the fall to see the latest harvest reports.

The planting dates are included in the homepage information, but we've made an interesting interactive look at planting progress as well. It was a somewhat long planting season, and you can see how trips progressed in 2022.
Syngenta traits rebranded
Some of the trait packages from Syngenta have been rebranded for the 2023 season. These products will be labeled with the new trait designations in 2022 FIRST tests. The 2022 Program Directory ready in July will have complete information.
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