Our 2022 Maintenance Season has begun! Reach out to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue to schedule your Fall Maintenance Visit today!

Annual barn owl box maintenance is by far the most important part of box ownership. Owlets that are raised in a nesting box do not leave the box until they are ready to fly, approximately 60 days after they hatch. During that time, they poop and regurgitate pellets inside their box, stomping it down over time until you are left with inches of solid waste build up. This makes the inside of the nesting box not only very dirty, but also much smaller. Since no housekeeping is performed by the owls, it is the box owner's responsibility to make sure next years owlets have a clean and spacious box to grow up in. That's where annual fall maintenance comes into play.

Maintenance is the practice of cleaning a barn owl box to prepare it for the next nesting season. It is also the perfect time of year to perform any repairs to the box itself. Owlets raised in nesting boxes that are not properly cleaned every year have an increased likelihood of injury, death by predation, or being kicked out of the box by a competitive sibling before they are ready. Annual maintenance also prolongs the life of your box. Maintenance should always occur after the nesting season has ended.

If you would like to schedule a fall maintenance visit, please reach out to bomp@scwildliferescue.org or call us at 707-992-0274. If you would like to learn more about maintenance services, click the link below to read our most recent article on these services.