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Dear Residents,

We have made a significant change to our Large Trash Item Collection Program. We will continue with the current practice of “Appointments Only” *, however, effective January 1, 2022, Large Trash Item Collection will take place on a designated Friday of each month. The designated Friday is determined by your normally scheduled pick-up day for Trash Collection.

Your current, regularly scheduled Trash Collection day will have a new designation. If your Trash Collection is scheduled for Mondays, you will now be “Area 1”; Tuesdays will be “Area 2”; Wednesdays will be “Area 3”, and Thursdays will be “Area 4”.

As to when residents will have their Large Trash Item(s) picked up, that will be determined as the new Trash Collection day designations go into effect.

“Appointments Only” * Large Trash Item Collection for Area 1 will be the first Friday of the month; Area 2 will be the second Friday of the month; Area 3 will be the third Friday of the month, and Area 4 will be the last Friday of the month.

You can also review the chart below to see which Friday will be your Large Trash Item Collection Day.

If your current Trash Pick-Up Day is...

Your New Designated Name for Large Item Trash Collection is…

Your 2022 Large Item Collection Day will be…


Area 1

1st Friday of the Month, appt. only


Area 2

2nd Friday of the Month, appt. only


Area 3

3rd Friday of the Month, appt. only


Area 4

4th Friday of the Month, appt. only

Please note, there will be no Large Trash Item Collection in the month of November. Also, no Large Trash Item Collection will take place on Good Friday, April 15, 2022. Area 3 Large Trash Item Collection scheduled for April 15 is rescheduled for Friday, April 22 and in turn, Area 4 will be rescheduled for Fri, April 29.

*Residents must continue to request a Large Trash Item Pick-up, either by telephone, 973-326-7398, or through our website: one week prior to their scheduled Friday collection date.

The Recycling Collection Program for some Condominiums and Townhouses will change in 2022. Recycling collection days will be as follows:

Monday Recycling Collection:

Rose Arbor, The Oaks, Township Village, Village at Convent Station

Tuesday Recycling Collection:

Brownstones, Cory Rd., Emmett Avenue, James St. Commons, Liberty Greens, Lyndsley Arms Apartments, Moore Estates (including Carriage Hill Rd.), Residences @ Columbia Park, Spring Brook, Woodcrest

Wednesday Recycling Collection:

Dorsett Hollow, James Place, Mountain Shadows, The View

Thursday Recycling Collection:

Center Avenue, Wheatsheaf Farms

If you have any questions, please contact our Department of Public Works Office at 973-326-7398, or

e-mail us at



Thomas J. Eschmann



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