2022 Multifamily Finance Super NOFA Updates

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is releasing the following updates related to the Mutifamily Finance Super NOFA:

  • Super NOFA Application Deadline Extension from June 28 to July 12, 2022
  • Super NOFA Application Update
  • Super NOFA Amendment

Additional detail on each of these updates is provided below.
Super NOFA Application Deadline Extension
At the request of stakeholders, the Super NOFA application deadline has been extended. The application deadline is July 12, 2022. This is the final deadline and NO further extensions will be provided. As a result, the anticipated timing of Super NOFA awards will be extended from November 2022 to December 2022. While awards will be announced prior to the close of the 2022 calendar year, applicants should consider how the new anticipated award timeframe may impact other application deadlines, e.g. CDLAC and TCAC deadlines, and plan accordingly. 

HCD acknowledges this extension may impact schedules for other funding sources and in some cases create tight timelines. HCD staff hopes that by providing notice now, this will assist applicants in adequately preparing for various upcoming funding round deadlines.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit Super NOFA applications before the July 12 deadline when possible.
Super NOFA Application Update
HCD has identified critical items on the Super NOFA application dated May 6, 2022 which required revision or correction. As a result, the Department has posted a revised application with necessary updates. Applicants are required to submit the revised application dated June 10, 2022 with all supporting documentation by the application due date via the Super NOFA Application Portal (SNAP).

Application revisions include:
  • Scoring and tiebreaker formula updates and corrections
  • Unit mix formula updates and corrections
  • Clarifying language added for Community-Based Developer requirements
  • Removal of application resolution requirements
  • Document checklist formatting

For a full list of revisions, please visit the Super NOFA webpage.

Super NOFA Amendment
HCD received an unprecedented number of inquiries and feedback on the Super NOFA issued in March. To best respond to all the stakeholders, HCD is issuing the amendments outlined below. We are grateful to the many stakeholders who contacted us. We appreciate everyone’s interest and participation in this first-of-its-kind Super NOFA. 

In response to stakeholder feedback, HCD has made clarifying amendments to the previously issued March 30, 2022 Super NOFA as follows: 

  1. Clarification on Housing Element compliance threshold requirements and timing. Specifically, housing element compliance must be met by the award vs. application submittal deadline. Please refer to Section II((I)(5) for additional information. 
  2. Extension of IIG-2019 Letter of Support submittal deadline to September 30, 2022
  3. IIG per Unit grant amounts updated based on December Consumer Price Index per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
  4. Updated tiebreaker adjustment factors
  5. Clarifying language added to Tribal Entity and Emerging and Community Based Developer Set-Asides and qualifying requirements
  6. Clarifying language added to Program funding amounts, including per project caps, and terms.
  7. Clarifying language regarding concurrent applications using 4 and 9 Percent Tax Credits
  8. Clarifying language regarding applicability of the Department’s Negative Points Policy.
  9. Other non-technical changes for enhanced readability and to provide clarity.

REMINDER: Super NOFA Questions and Answers (Q&A) – Weekly Updates
HCD staff has developed a frequently asked questions document, based on recorded question and answer sessions in the recent virtual and in-person workshops, as well as questions that have been received through the Super NOFA mailbox. The Super NOFA Q&A is available at Multifamily SuperNOFA Round 1 Q&A . Additional Q&As are published each week.
REMINDER: Workshop Webinar Available
In case you missed the opportunity to join one of the Super NOFA workshops, a webinar recording is now available online.

The Multifamily Super NOFA offers an opportunity to apply for up to four HCD funding sources simultaneously and includes approximately $650 million in total available funding.

For more information, please visit the Super NOFA webpage.

Questions? Email SuperNOFA@hcd.ca.gov. For technical issues with the application or portal contact: AppSupport@hcd.ca.gov.