At their 2022 January Board Meeting, the PRCA Board of Directors voted to amend PRCA Bylaw B8.5.2.1 as follows, effective immediately:

§B8.5.2.1 Eight PRCA Approved Rodeos and 20 performances.   Any PRCA sanctioned event or rodeo will qualify to count for all contract personnel categories for purposes of the eight rodeo and 20 performance requirement. A minimum of 4 rodeos must have the standard six PRCA events to count toward the eight-rodeo requirement. Any sanctioned event or rodeo that does not count toward the PRCA World Standings will not qualify to satisfy this requirement.

 In summary, any event worked will count toward the 8 rodeo / 20 performance requirement (excluding permit sessions, legacy steer roping, breakaway roping or any event not counting toward the PRCA World Standings). X-Bulls and X-Broncs, whether stand-alone or in conjunction with a PRCA rodeo will count toward the performance and rodeo count. Stand-alone steer ropings will also count toward meeting this requirement. However, to complete eligibility, of the 8 rodeos or events worked, a minimum of four must be a PRCA Rodeo hosting the six standard PRCA events.

Regarding Contract Personnel Year-End Awards: The same process and eligibility requirements as above will be followed to determine Year-End award qualifications and nominations.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rodeo Administration should you have any questions.


Please see below example for a review of what will count under the new rules (those in red will NOT count toward the new requirements):

Timer: 12 rodeos / 30 performances / 5 single events

488                Castle Rock, CO       Timer 3 performances         7 events

1833              Delta, UT                  Timer 2 performances         7 events

601833          Delta, UT                  Timer 2 performances         1 event

3343              Manila, UT               Timer 2 performances         7 events
600293           Sheridan, WY           Timer 4 performances         1 event

293                Sheridan, WY           Timer 4 performances         8 events

351                Spanish Fork, UT      Timer 4 performances         7 events
710351          Spanish Fork, UT      Timer 1 performance           1 event

201258          Steamboat Spgs, CO  Timer 2 performances         1 event

201383          Steamboat Spgs, CO Timer 2 performances         1 event

1383              Steamboat Spgs, CO Timer 2 performances         7 events

1258              Steamboat Spgs, CO Timer 2 performances         7 events
Eligibility per B8.5.2.1:

8 Rodeos and/or Events worked: 7 Rodeos / 1 X-Bulls
{Meets 8 event/4 rodeo Requirement}
Total Performances: 20 {Meets 20 performance requirement}

Following the rule change, Breakaway (6XXXXX series) and Permit session (2XXXXX) series are not counted toward the eligibility requirements.