Dear NYSTA Members,
The 2022 legislative session was a challenging year for agriculture and the green industry in New York State. Never has there been more harmful, misleading, inaccurate legislation being drafted in NYS against agriculture and the green industry then there has been over the last few years. 

However, our efforts combatting this harmful legislation have not gone unnoticed and most importantly, have been effective. Make no mistake, in NYS the green industry is unjustly deemed by legislators as the low hanging fruit on the tree with many politicians now viewing open green space as a means for residential space, as well as wind and solar farms. Over the last few years, we have continued to align our industry with various agriculture sects in NY, supporting their opposition to harmful bills by whatever means they deem appropriate. In return they have equally supported our efforts and understand the importance of open green space in New York. As an association, NYSTA will continue to expand and strengthen our allied partnerships in defense of agriculture and the open green space we are so fortunate to have and maintain.  
With the conclusion of the 2022 legislative calendar, we would like to thank the New York Green Industry Council, led by Larry Wilson, for their continued advocacy efforts and support. The New York Green Industry Council remains at the core of our lobbying efforts. NYSTA‚Äôs contributions help support their efforts and in return, we have been able to utilize their vast resources and connections in Albany. Over the last few years, I have gotten to know and work firsthand with the two best green industry lobbyists in NYS, Todd Vandervort of the Vandervort Group, and Rick Zimmerman. Todd and Rick work tirelessly in defense of the green industry and are a tremendous asset to our association, all made possible by our support and partnership with the NYGIC.
The NYGIC End of Session Report is available at the link below. This report highlights the the legislative efforts of the Green Industry Council and NYSTA in 2022. Although there remains a great many unknowns in the 2022 elections, we do know that our advocacy efforts will remain steadfast and your continued support is greatly appreciated.
Have a great second half of 2022!
Tom Kaplun
Government Affairs Chair