2022 Parking Permit Distribution
2022 parking permits are available for pickup. To maintain up-to-date files and ensure the security of the harbor and our licensees, all licensees must pick up the 2022 parking permits in person at the harbor office. Only the licensee of record may pick up the parking permits. Please bring personal photo identification, current vessel documentation or registration, and a completed copy of the contact information form that has been mailed to the licensee's address on file (or found here). The harbor office is open daily, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

In accordance with the Santa Cruz Port District Vessel Insurance Policy, proof of current vessel insurance must be on file with the harbor office to pick up your 2022 parking permits. Updated certificates may be submitted electronically on the Port District’s website or by emailing scpd@santacruzharbor.org.

The Santa Cruz Port District will issue 2022 parking permits as follows:

  • Regular Slip Licensees / Inside-Ties: Regular slip licensees will receive two (2) parking permits at no cost.

  • Vessel Partnerships: Vessels held in approved partnerships will receive three (3) parking permits at no cost.

  • Rack Storage and Dory Ties: Rack storage and dory ties will receive one (1) parking permit at no cost.

  • Yacht Club Dry Storage: Yacht Club Dry Storage licensees will receive two (2) parking permits at no cost. 

All licensees may purchase one (1) additional permit for $50. Any additional permits may then be purchased for $100 each.

The Port District will once again distribute parking hangtags in 2022. Only one hangtag will be issued per customer account. Lost or stolen hangtags will not be replaced. No exceptions.