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Angela Beusse, Director, Agent & Business Services

2022 Peak Season - Air Force Special Interest Items
On February 14, 2022, Col Craig A. Punches, Commander of Personal Property Activity for the United States Air Force, released the 2022 Peak Season Special Interest Items (SIIs). The Air Force's Peak Season SIIs are released annually, and call for TSPs to take a proactive position regarding areas of concern for DoD customers. This memo will discuss the SIIs that are relevant to agent responsibilities, but we encourage you to review the entirety of the SII letter here.

Completion of Pre-Move Survey
Along with the new TOS requirement for pre-move weight estimates to be within 10% of actual shipment weight, the SII letter reports that pre-move surveys are frequently not effective or not performed at all. The Air Force asks TSPs and OAs to complete pre-move surveys so that they can submit required preapproval requests, ensure adequate packing material and personnel, and complete the move on time.

Shipment Delivery on or Before the RDD
Missed RDD's are the top complaint on Customer Satisfaction Surveys. If you are hauling an NFC shipment, it is essential that you meet the RDD listed on the GBL. If you cannot meet the RDD and the shipment is in-transit, please contact NFC Operations right away to advise.

Loss and Damage
This is the number two complaint on Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Please ensure that your crews have all necessary packing/protective materials before completing a pack-out, and take care in placing items in boxes, on the trailer, or in lift vans. Also, take care to correctly complete inventories and riders when applicable.

Mold Prevention and Remediation
Shipments with mold issues can quickly become very problematic for the TSP, agents, PPSOs, and customers. It is of the utmost importance that every action is taken to prevent mold infestations from occurring. In the event mold is discovered on an NFC shipment, please have your crews stop what they're doing, and contact us immediately.

Requested and Automatic Reweighs Based on Weight Thresholds
As we have highlighted in previous memos, the 2022 Automatic Reweigh Thresholds are much lower, meaning there will be more shipments that require an automatic Reweigh. All shipments for pay grades E-1 thru E-5 weighing 4000 lbs or more and all shipments for pay grades E-6 thru O-10 weighing 7000 lbs or more automatically require reweighs. Our office will send notification as soon as we are aware that a shipment requires a reweigh.

If you have any questions about these SIIs, please contact us at
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