June 2022

2022 Peer Educator Conference!
Thandy shares, “The biggest ministry activity in June was our three-day Annual Peer Educator Conference! Our last conference was in 2019, before the pandemic. Oh, what a joy it was to meet together with our 87 Coordinators, 342 Peer Educators and 60 Foxes! We also had 17 teachers from different schools joining us and 13 wardens from prisons where R4L is taught. We had representatives from 8 different drug rehabs and 127 pastors who are running R4L groups in their churches. There were 532 attendees who stayed full time at camp, while others (mostly Johannesburg pastors) came as day visitors to the conference. Pictured above is our opening, which was led by our “Foxes” (students teaching fellow students) carrying different flags, signifying the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19 to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”
Pastors Teach at Conference
“We had two speakers. Pastor Timothy Sitelo (left) focused on serving God whole heartedly. His teachings were very engaging, including group exercises. We all participated in and learned a lot from them. Pastor Emmanuel Nzama [Thandy’s husband, at right] taught from the pastor training program’s Volume 2 on “Christian Ethics.” Cultural practices that have made their way into the church were confronted and habits that do not glorify God were exposed. The teaching was followed by praying for each other in small groups. We held hands and lifted each other up to the Lord. There was praise and great worship after these great teachings.”
Country Leaders Share About Growth and Open Doors
These amazing leaders shared moving stories about all that God is doing in their countries. From left are Merson (Mozambique coordinator), Wandile (Swaziland coordinator), Malintle (Lesotho coordinator), and Thandeka Mavundla-Nzama (Reach4Life Program Director).

Merson says, “We are seeing the hand of God in all our seven provinces where we have launched R4L in Mozambique. We thank God for the subsidies that enable us to travel as far as 6 hours to deliver Bibles.”

Wandile shares, “Swaziland’s youth need Christ; our laws and cultural practices are not winning the war on HIV and teen pregnancy. But we see God opening doors for the R4L program in schools, varsities, and prisons, and wherever we are teaching the program, there is change. More schools are requesting the program. We need a lot of books and more trained Peer Educators.”

Malintle reports, “From when we were trained in 2018, there has been transformation. Our church youth groups are double the number from when we first started. Private schools are requesting the program. We have trained many Foxes to handle the demand. In all villages, R4L is now seen as the book that changes lives.”
Biblica Africa Staff Attend Conference
Biblica Africa's office staff from Kenya attended the conference. From left above are Lydia, Rose and Susan. Lydia said, “You guys keep on thanking us for the books but it is us who are actually inspired by you all, the passion you have and the love you have for God's word is an encouragement to us.” After seeing so many people committed to the program, Rose sang a song that said, "What should I render to Jehovah, for He has done so very much for me.” Carien (Biblica, South Africa, not pictured here) also attended and gave encouragement to the teams. She shared the struggles of getting funding for printing books, but said that Biblica will keep trying to support partners like Phakama because of the great work that is being done. We appreciate their help with the books because they are what the whole R4L ministry is built on. We encourage those who can access the R4L app to do so, but the vast majority of those we serve aren't able to, either due to lack of a phone or lack of money to buy air time for the phone and data for internet access. The electrical grid in South Africa is continuing to fail. Last week they were on stage 6 (3 hours of power per day). This is happening all over the country, even in the big cities. Thandy said yesterday that Johannesburg has been without power for several days. Please pray that Biblica will be able to continue printing books at the same level as we have received in past years - they are needed!
Lesotho Team Sings Sotho Hymn
Team Lesotho blessed everyone with their PE choir singing a Sotho original hymn “He is the Christ and only Him we will worship."
Praising God for What He is Doing in Africa
The sharing by coordinators was followed by full hearts and great worship as everyone praised God for His amazing grace being seen all over Africa.
Sharing Successes and Effective Teaching Methods

Reach4Life teams shared about the work that was going on in their communities, including new ways to teach lessons effectively using drama, object lessons, and other creative methods.
New Resources Website!
Meanwhile, Prevention Time has been busy on this side of the world as well. We changed our website's service provider, so our website pages load almost instantly. Check it out at preventiontime.org. We are also working on a website where resources are being posted online so they can be accessed and downloaded when phones are able to be charged. We have been sending weekly lessons for about two years, and we are adding those under the menu tab "Lessons." We are still developing the site, but so far, we also have menu tabs for Teaching Aids (stick figures, storyboards, etc.), Gospel (how to share effectively, how to identify false gospels, etc.), Family, and Sermons. (We're starting to post sermon notes from Christ's Church, Federal Way). We also plan to start loading information on topics such as grief counseling, anger management, rape, and domestic violence, all from various manuals we've written, plus lessons for Sunday School and other resources. Take a look at resources.phakamaprojects.org (temporary user name is "resources" and password is "Reach4Life"). Click on "menu" at the top to see the menu choices. Click on "read more" at the bottom of each lesson. These resources can be used by the Peer Educators, pastors, church leaders, teachers, community leaders, and anyone who finds them useful. Please send us an email if you have some useful resources for us to consider posting.
Trainings and Rollouts
June was a busy month as rollouts continued. June is also a month where commitment cards (to Christ and to abstinence) begin to be collected since kids have spent some time in the R4L program. In June, 9,811 books were distributed. Mafaisa High School (pictured above) in Kagiso Township (Johannesburg area) represents the school rollouts.
Conference Evening Concert Performances!
"The Trinity" Rap Song
Soweto Peer Educator, Mnqobi, did a Rap song called “The Trinity.”
Pretoria Peer Educator, Lilian, touched hearts when she sang the song, "Waymaker.”
Peer Educator Shares Poem
Peer Educator Linda (male) from Harrismith performed a poem about the kingship of Jesus.
Durban Acapella Choir Sings
This men's acapella choir from Durban performed for the crowd. (We can almost hear the music from all of these performers at the conference!)

"Came to Thank the Team"
Celiwe Malinga, teacher at Sivukile High School, Ladysmith, says, “It is my first time coming to the R4L conference. I came because the headmaster sent me to thank the team that comes to our school every week without fail. Our pass rate has increased since we had R4L in our school. No more teen pregnancy. We know it’s the R4L program because we asked the kids why have they changed. They say it is the teachings of the Peer Educators from the R4L book. I too have been linked to a good Bible teaching church through the program. We salute all the funders, you have unleashed light in Africa and Jesus is being glorified.”  
These Port Shepstone and Mpumalanga Foxes are having a bonding session!
"Always Growing!"
Pastor Masizane (Cape Town), shares, “I can never thank God enough for the R4L program. Our local church has grown so much since 2017 when we first started. Khayelitsha (Township) is a very rough neighbourhood with gangs and serious crimes. To do mass crusades is hard in shacks where we are. But R4L has become our best tool for reaching the unreached. We've had to change our church venue three times since I started R4L because of the increasing number of kids (and their families) coming to church. The current venue can no longer contain us. We are now looking for a church building to use. Our church’s growth is a testimony of what God can do with R4L as a tool.” (Picture is from 2016 mission trip.)
Merson (Mozambique, left) tried to teach Wandile (Swaziland) Portuguese... it was not going well!
The current Rand exchange rate is fantastic at 16.5 Rand per dollar!
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