New 2022 Project Teams Announced!
After a competitive application process, ITRC is excited to announce our four new 2022 project teams. Kicking off in January, 2022 and ranging between one and two years in length, ITRC's new teams will tackle a broad spectrum of highly important environmental issues. Additionally, seven other project teams will continue their progress in 2022 - rounding out a busy upcoming year with lots of opportunities to join and make an impact!
Starting January 2022

  • Framework for Chemicals of Emerging Concern
  • Project Goal: Develop fact sheets that provide a framework for identifying, anticipating and responding to emerging chemicals as well as providing guidelines on managing and understanding public perception and communications these issues.

  • Sediment Cap Update
  • Project Goal: Develop technical guidance and trainings that will supplement ITRC's 2014 Contaminated Sediments Remediation guidance, providing comprehensive guidance to designers and regulators on key aspects of cap design and monitoring, including design approaches, sensitivity analysis, modeling tools and inputs and much more.

  • Enhanced Aquifer Recharge
  • Project Goal: Develop technical guidance, fact sheets, and trainings that will provide a coherent definition and standardization of the range of active aquifer recharge actions, aquifer recharge options, and modeling applications.

  • Ethylene Oxide Emissions - EtO
  • Project Goal: Develop informational videos and fact sheets exploring the background of Ethylene Oxide (EtO), appropriate measurement methods, risk communication, interagency regulatory authority, and reduction technologies, as well as providing a useful framework for characterizing risk in communities living near EtO-generating facilities.
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