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  • 2022 ATFH RECAP




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The most famous brands are NOT the best ones. While they have the popularity advantage, the World is turning more and more to Fresher Voices with Disruptive Styles and Relatable Designs, offering Shoppers Similar or Better Quality Products:

  • At More Affordable Prices;
  • Inspired by Life Stories that are a more accurate reflection of the average consumer's reality;
  • Associated with Missions that resonate better with post-2020 fashion shoppers.

Every year, ATFH travels the world to Uncover Niche and Promising Brands with the Potential to Overthrow the World's Leading Fashion Powerhouses.

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  • July

Sponsored Italian Fashion Week in Turin, in Partnership with the European Commission and the NELSON MANDELA Family

  • September

Hosted ATFH New York Fashion Week BUYER DINNERS and BLACK TIE GALA

  • October

Signed Designers and Launched ATFH Portfolio 2022 with Brands from New York, Washington, D.C., California, Arizona, Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Serbia, Turkey, Israel and India

  • November

Launched ATFH SHOWROOM NYC at the IBM Building on 590 Madison Avenue

  • November


  • November

Launched and Hosted ATFH Central Park Fashion Week

  • December

Launched and Hosted i3f World Fashion Festival 2022 on the Sidelines of the 2022 QATAR FIFA WORLD CUP

  • December

Launched Online Shop

SHOP Premium Dresses at Affordable Prices


  • ATFH Portfolio 2023

New Brands Promoted and Sold through ATFH

  • ATFH Media

Launch of ATFH Magazine

Launch of ATFH Studio

Launch of ATFH App

  • ATFH Salesforce

Launch of a Team of Sales Representatives, Turning Active Shoppers into Actual Earners

  • ATFH Invite-Only Buyers Hosting (Exclusive)

Hosting Fashion Buyers per Invitation, on Exclusive basis

  • ATFH Reseller Program

"Launch Your Own Store" with ATFH - Providing Immediate hassle-free Inventory and Logistics support to underfunded retailers and motivated entrepreneurs aiming to start an online or physical retail business

  • ATFH Shopping Roadshows

The Hamptons, New York

Greenwich, Connecticut

Alpine, New Jersey


On the Sidelines of the NFL Super Bowl, UEFA Champions League & NBA Finals)

  • ATFH Central Park Fashion Week

May & November

  • ATFH European Fashion Tour 

ATFH @ Milan Fashion Week (ITALY)

ATFH @ London Fashion Week (UK)

ATFH @ Paris Fashion Week (FRANCE)

  • ATFH Exclusive First Ladies Fashion Week

On the Sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York

  • ATFH Academia Fashion Shows 

New York (NYU, Columbia, Cornell)

New Jersey (Princeton)

Connecticut (Yale)

Pennsylvania (UPenn)

Massachusetts (Harvard)

  • ATFH Philanthropy

Launch of ATFH Fashion For Charity

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