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-- February 4, 2023 --
"Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; persevere in prayer."
-- Romans 12:12 --
Living with Uncertainty
-- Reverend Miguel Estrada --
Every day that passes always brings with it some uncertainty; we can never pretend that we are in control of the circumstances around us. That element of mystery and excitement in the face of what a new season brings is always with us. And not only was 2022 no exception, but in fact, it brought with it tremendous expectations, essentially because it was the year in which we began to transition from pandemic mode to what many call the “new normal”.

For Misión Peniel this time of transition was both interesting and challenging. It fell to us to make the changes that were deemed appropriate and necessary to continue being that bridge that unites the farmworker community with faith communities and the rest of the world. Achieving that was not about going back to what we did before, as some thought would happen. The real challenge was based on the experience acquired over previous years with an understanding that reality as we knew it then, had been transformed whether we liked it or not. We have had to discern again the priorities and focus that our ministry in Immokalee must embody. In other words, 2022 has compelled us to open our eyes wide and carefully ask if what we have before us today is what God is calling us to do.

As if entering the post-COVID era was not enough, for us that has not been the only reason for uncertainty during 2022. Since the first year of the pandemic, Misión Peniel has lived under a cloud of uncertainty related to a legal process over the property where we currently operate. Without going into unnecessary details, it has been distracting and exhausting at times to find meaning and energy in these types of circumstances. Even in the midst of clouded uncertainty over what we can or cannot plan and do, our first response was to keep moving forward in faith. By the end of the year, when we felt we couldn't take it anymore, words of encouragement reached us through the community we serve. It came from the farmworkers who can rarely say that they are sure of something, and for the most part, who live in life's uncertainty. The example of facing life with encouragement, joy and trust in God that agricultural workers have shown us season after season, year after year, helped us reclaim our hope and desire to keep moving forward. Many may recall after all, that Misión Peniel began serving on the street, in a parking lot or on any corner necessary to build relationships with this farmworker community.

We give thanks for all who have been our companions in uncertainty in 2022. Those individuals, churches and other organizations that have continued by our side and supported us with encouragement, prayers, given of their time and shared resources; YOU are our beacons of hope. This kind of partnership and solidarity is allowing us to continue experiencing the real presence of the Lord in these uncertain times. May these photos and reflections offer a testimony of how much, despite uncertainty, God has accomplished through Misión Peniel.
Pan de Vida
Marifrans Estrada, Coordinator
In 2022, 20 homebound clients were supported. Approximately 3,120 meals were delivered throughout the year, along with basic groceries, hygiene products, kitchen items, bedding, and housewares. Also, some clients received assistance with rent and/or utility bills.
Mision Peniel's Music Academy
This ministry began in January 2022 with 9 students meeting weekly for lessons and music theory study. Additional teachers are needed to help grow the music academy.
August Backpack Event
Thanks to the support of 11 churches
and many individuals, 500
backpacks with supplies were
distributed to school age children.
Fall Wellness Fair
In September, the mission hosted a wellness fair for the community in partnership with ChenMed, a Miami based international health care organization and other partner organizations: CIW, PIH and HCN. They were part of the Friday food distribution and led the fair on Saturday. Over 350 community members participated. Additional community events are being planned.
Friday Food Distribution
This ministry served between 300-475 individuals every week in 2022. Thanks to our garden partners, Cultivate Abundance, 36,834 lbs. of fresh harvested produce was distributed in 2022, resulting in 108,072 food servings of produce alone!
New Mission Coordinator
Marifrans Castillo de Estrada expanded her role with Misión Peniel in September as part time Mission Coordinator following Ruth DeYoe's move to Minnesota. Marifrans is now the part time coordinator for Pan de Vida and the mission! She is married to Pastor Miguel and together are a strong mission team! Ruth DeYoe finished the year as the mission's part time Communications and Grant Writing Coordinator and works remotely.
COVID Relief
From May 2020 through April 2022, Misión Peniel provided approximately $950,000 in direct support to those directly impacted by COVID. This two year outreach was made possible through the support of churches, grants and partner organizations. Approximately 400 food boxes were distributed to individuals and families in quarantine. Weekly vaccine and testing events were held at the mission, led by Health Care Network and Partners in Health.
Pastoral Care
Throughout the year, Pastor Miguel provided countless hours of spiritual guidance, accompaniment in times of crisis, shared in celebrations, and preached in various SW Florida churches,
May 2023 be a year in which we continue to affirm...
"...for in him we live and move and have our being" -- Acts 17:28

This year's Christmas Joy campaign 
focusing on children ages birth to 10 years old brought joy to many!
On December 16th, Christmas lights weren't the only things shining bright in Immokalee! Thanks to the collaborative generosity of 23 SW Florida churches and other organizations, 220 families were able to register their children to receive a special gift at Christmastime! By the end of the holiday season 706 children had received a new toy, lovingly chosen specifically for them!
As you can imagine, providing gifts for farmworker families is extremely difficult when basic needs of food and shelter consume most of their income.
We give thanks to all the gift givers, gift shoppers and volunteers who made this year's Christmas Joy Campaign such a beautiful experience of holiday joy!
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