January 26, 2022
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In support of the massive growth of the San Diego tech ecosystem, we’re launching a number of initiatives this year. Thanks to our friends at Rocket Dog for helping us with a new website and with these initiatives!

A centralized board to post your jobs that we’ll promote on social media too

Bringing junior and senior talent together on skill-based nights. Sign up for the waitlist of How’d You Get That Job

We helped Cox Enterprises design an edge and cloud environment based on existing infrastructure for tech companies that have latency, security, and need for cloud redundancy. Sign up directly on the site or we can make an introduction. Mention FreshBrewedTech for the startup package.

We’re taking our angel investor syndicate to the next level by raising a $10M fund to invest in early stage startups. Let me know if you have an interest in joining us.
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Head in the Cloud? That’s a Good Strategy in 2022

Brant Cooper, CEO/Founder of Moves the Needle and New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur, teaches leaders how to improve their businesses to remain agile and resilient in the Digital Age in his latest book, DISRUPTION PROOF, which Tacos & Tech Listeners can get special access to here. Host Neal Bloom and Brant discuss the importance of decentralizing decision making in companies and being able to dynamically adjust to disrupting factors or situations. 
Our partners at Tragic Media have built a next gen reporting system for better management of remote software teams, click below to join their FREE beta.
The talent market is hot especially for tech talent. Check out the new ‘stealth’ job board by Fresh Brewed Tech for early access. Full launch coming soon.
Xendee (San Diego/remote)

Xendee (San Diego/remote)

Xendee (San Diego/remote)

Xendee (San Diego/remote)
Qualcomm (San Diego)

Altium (La Jolla)

GLDS (Carlsbad/remote)

CSUSM (San Marcos)
TurboSBIR, January 26

Cox Edge, January 26

San Diego Business Journal, January 27

Alliance Healthcare Foundation, Applications due January 28
San Diego Workforce Partnership, January 29

Brant Cooper, February 3

Rady School of Management, February 16

Downtown Partnership, March 24
Alterome Therapeutics, developing alteration-specific targeted therapies, $64M Series A with OrbiMed

Daasity, enables Consumer Product Brands to make better data-driven decisions, $15M Series A with VMG Partners

Zafrens, developing tools and generating insights at the interface of biology, chemistry, and engineering, $6.2M

ChargeNet Stations, EV software specializing in distributed energy resources, $6M Seed with Aligned Climate Capital

Radicle Science, offers an accelerated, non-FDA route to drug validation, $2.9M 

Verity, offers plastic-free packaging solutions, $1.3M Seed 

PhenoVista Biosciences, provides high content imaging-based phenotypic assay development and screening services, with BroadOak Capital Partners

Trust & Will, customized and easy estate planning, with UBS
Hive Media Group by OpenWeb for $60M

Cellipont Bioservices by Great Point Partners

Security On-Demand by Nautic Partners

MadCap Software by Battery Ventures

Green Flash Brewing Co. by Tilray

Solute by Sigma Defense Systems

Inseev Interactive by 3Q Digital

Alpine Beer Company by Tilray

Visionful by Cloudastructure

Classy by GoFundMe

TXR by Reali
Blueprint Equity invests in Axela Technologies

Spark Growth Ventures invests in Placer.ai

L'ATTITUDE VENTURES invests in WorkStep

Unit Leader invests in RemoteLock
Correlation Ventures invests in Formic

Wermers Companies invests in HappyCo

StepStone Group invests in SHOPLAZZA


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