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Even in science, there are things that are difficult to measure with 100-percent accuracy. Passion, for instance. Heart, for another.

But it doesn't take advanced instrumentation or software to know for sure that Will Mars possesses both in abundance. And when it comes to the impact he has on the tire industry, there is no denying the correlation. READ MORE
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Yet Another Experimental Validation Case Study...
Polymers is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of polymer science published semimonthly online by MDPI.
Heat Build-Up and Rolling Resistance Analysis of a Solid Tire: Experimental Observation and Numerical Simulation with Thermo-Mechanical Coupling Method
by Hong He,Jinming Liu,Yaru Zhang,Xue Han,William V. Mars,Liqun Zhang, and Fanzhu Li

Polymers 2022, 14(11), 2210;

The hysteresis of rubber materials due to deformation and viscoelasticity is the main reason for the heat build-up (HBU) and rolling resistance (RR) of the rolling tire. It is important to realize the high precision prediction of HBU and RR of tire for the optimal design of high-performance fuel-saving tire. In this work, a thermo-mechanical coupling method based on Endurica and Abaqus co-simulation was used to predict the steady-state temperature distribution and RR of three finite element models (Lagrangian–Eulerian model, Lagrangian model, and Plane Strain model) of the solid tires under different loads and rotating speeds. READ MORE
Endurica Company Picnic 2022 - everyone
Inaugural Company Picnic
Endurica's first company picnic and canoe trip celebrated our 14th year in business. Just one canoe capsized during the 7+ mile trek down Ohio's Black Fork Mohican River. In the photo at right, the Endurica team includes (back row, from left) Yang Chen, Intern; Joe Suter, Financial Manager; Mark Bauman, Engineering Analyst; Ethan Steiner, Intern; Will Mars, President and Founder; (front row, from left) Kerrigan Dick, Intern; Pauline Glaza, Marketing Manager. Missing from the team phot are Jesse Suter, Development Manager and Abdullah Amin, Project Engineer.
Endurica team at 2022 Company Picnic
By keeping tearing energy at all times below the intrinsic strength, a developer can assure indefinite life with minimum effort. Several examples will be presented, including:
  • a grommet sizing application
  • a tire belt compounding application
  • a squeeze pump hose
Join us to view how Endurica computes the fraction of loading reserve (ie safety factor) relative to the experimentally determined intrinsic strength.
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WVM Wins Herzlich Medal Announcement
30 September 2022 - Testing and Simulation for Infinite Life Design - FREE Webinar from Endurica
10-13 October 2022 - International Elastomers Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Learn the essential principles and practices of material characterization for fatigue life prediction, and strategies and procedures for planning effective fatigue test programs as well as making effective use of crack nucleation and fracture mechanics tools. 
November 7-11, 2022 - LIVE, ONLINE
Wield Endurica software to virtually evaluate fatigue performance and solve design issues at the concept stage. All three of Endurica's solvers - Endurica CL, Endurica DT, and Endurica EIE are covered.
December 6-9, 2022 - LIVE, ONLINE
Rubbernecking at Endurica: an interesting thing that makes us look twice

Rubber chemists use the rheometer curve to check a rubber compound's cure behavior. The specimens look a little bit like an oreo cookie. Check out this fun "kitchen chemistry" activity. For about $6 in materials, you can make a 3D printed "rheometer/oreometer". Check it out at: On Oreology, the fracture and flow of "milk's favorite cookie."
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