2022 Tactical Class Scheduling
I have put up initial scheduling for the latter part of 2022. You can view the events here:

The classes scheduled include HEAT 1 Combat Tactics, HEAT 2 Combat Patrol and Squad Tactics (Force on Force). There are other classes for 2022 that I have not yet scheduled. These include CQB, Recon, DCH. We can look to filling in the blanks as we go forward.

The HEAT 1 Combat Tactics Class in March, I only have 6 bookings so far. So that is the crocodile closest to the boat.

I would like to get some input on CQB, Recon and DCH. I know these have been discussed in the relevant threads, but we can now discuss in the light of the currently scheduled classes. Also, if you think I have screwed up with current scheduling, let me know.

The place to give me input on classes is on the MVT Forum, in the Student Class Scheduling forum. Note: if you are not currently a member and join the forum, I have to approve you, so there will be a slight delay if you don’t get immediate access.

Note: The newly scheduled classes (August to December 2022) are not bookable online, at least for now. Please write to me if you want a spot.

Note: There are no classes in June / July as we wait for plans to consolidate (family plans). This may change and there is also space there for classes run by Scott.

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