2022 Take Two: Our most-searched blog posts:
Wohler Curves
Fracture Mechanics?
Endurica uses a fracture mechanics based description of rubber’s fatigue behavior, rather than the classical Wohler curve (ie S-N curve) approach. This is why: READ MORE
Proper tear testing of elastomers: Why you should tear up the Die C tear test

... It might be a stretch to say that tears will come to your eyes if you don’t get tear testing of elastomers right, but proper measurement of critical tearing energy (tear strength) is essential for effective materials development for durability. READ MORE
There's always something in development within Endurica's codes and 2022 has seen six additions/improvements already, including:
Release 2022-0401 Ansys Cosimulation Interface - watch the webinar here
Release 2022-0303 Katana Performance Improvements
Release 2022-0302 Katana output for Ansys Interface
Release 2022-0202 Enable hydrostatic stress export by default for Abaqus, Ansys, and Marc
Release 2022-0201 Added 6 HNBR's to Materials database, now distributing with 3 units systems (mm N, MN, in lbf)
Release 2022-0101 4,5,6 Channel EIE, channel reduction
Our office is brimming with new talent this summer as we welcome three university interns. Yang Chen, Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University. Yang (far left) is completing his dissertation on environmental aging coupled with the fatigue properties of adhesives and joins us as he explores commercialization avenues. Ethan Steiner, senior BSME student at the University of Toledo (second from right) returns full-time this summer, working on tire modeling and the impact of sidewall lettering on fatigue. Kerrigan Dick, International Business major at Bowling Green State University (far right) is tackling a number of marketing initiatives including world-wide search engine optimization. Stay tuned for updates on their projects and impact at Endurica.
Join Will Mars, Endurica's founder & President, and Harish Radhakrishnan, Product Manager at Ansys as they demonstrate a co-simulation workflow for rubber products in which stress-strain fields solved by Ansys Mechanical evolve due to material property changes. Endurica's cosimulation workflows enable you to simulate cyclic softening and ageing effects and updates your Ansys model to show how material evolution impacts structural performance. Read More/Register
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Upcoming Events - Join Us!
7-9 June 2022 - DYNAeLAST - Sustainable Transport's Challenges & Opportunities, Virtual
8 June 2022 - Simulia Great Lakes Regional User Meeting - Plymouth, Michigan U.S.A.
21-23 June 2022 - NAFEMS Americas, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
27-30 June 2022 - DKT 2022 Nuremberg, Germany
8 July 2022 - Fatigue Ninja Friday: Ozone Attack. Our FNF presentations are a special service for Endurica users. Contact us here if you are a user who is not receiving our notifications for these exclusive training webinars.
7-8 September 2022 - ECCMR - Milano, Itlay
12-13 September 2022 - Tire Society Conference: New Horizons in Tire Evaluation - Online and in Akron, Ohio, USA
13-15 September 2022 - ITEC 2022, Akron, Ohio, USA
Register Now for 2022 Training Workshops
Learn the essential principles and practices of material characterization for fatigue life prediction, and strategies and procedures for planning effective fatigue test programs as well as making effective use of crack nucleation and fracture mechanics tools. 
November 7-11, 2022 - LIVE, ONLINE
Wield Endurica software to virtually evaluate fatigue performance and solve design issues at the concept stage. All three of Endurica's solvers - Endurica CL, Endurica DT, and Endurica EIE are covered.
December 6-9, 2022 - LIVE, ONLINE
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