2022 was a challenging year, but through it all we have been inspired by the physicians, residents and students we are privileged to serve. Please accept our gratitude and appreciation for all you do for Manitobans. Between a pandemic, physician shortage, inflation, and the backlog of medical concerns continuing to emerge, we know it's hard to see the progress you are making for your patients. But you are. We see it each and every day, and so do Manitobans. We wish you well in the year ahead, and please know we will be hard at work pressing for the resources and supports physicians and medical learners need.

We've prepared a year-in-review with about some of our most frequently accessed content and resources, in hopes that it might help you take full advantage of your Doctors Manitoba membership in the year ahead.

In a year filled with disruption and change, we've tried to help you stay up to date through it all. 

Our Managing Your Practice section received 135,021 visits this year, and most of this was our regular newsletters and COVID updates.

Our billing advice articles received 4,438 views this year. Remember, if you need any advice on billing or challenges in your practice, contact us at [email protected].

New Resource

We revamped the old uninsured services guide and created the new Uninsured Services Resource Centre this fall (Member Portal log-in required). This exclusive members-only content has been accessed over 200 times, and offers advice on setting rates for uninsured services or services for uninsured individuals as well as billing and more. 

We noticed audits into physician billings picking up this year from the government. Please remember to contact us first if you get an audit into you billings so we can assist you through this experience. Learn more about audits and how we can help.

We ran FIVE public campaigns this year on issues important to physicians. This work helped to raise awareness and reinforced physicians' concerns and priorities. Using news coverage, advertising and our social media, our campaigns reached hundreds of thousands of Manitobans with tens of millions of repeat views. This resulted in 68,647 visits to our campaign pages and news releases on our website, where Manitobans were able to get more information and advice. 

The public campaigns included:

  • Live Healthy Manitoba last June, providing medical encouragement to reconnect with healthy living and prevention practices as the emergency phase of the pandemic passed. 
  • Caring for Manitoba, a campaign to show Manitobans that when it comes to health care, what matters to them, matters to us. 
  • New Covid Normal, a campaign we ran last spring with medical advice about being cautious as pandemic restrictions were lifted. Note, this has been updated with advice this fall
  • Surgical and Diagnostic Backlog, an advocacy campaign that tracked the backlog using a dashboard. 
  • Rural Care Be Aware was a summer campaign drawing attention to ER and hospital closures in rural and Northern communities. The site helped Manitobans find local ER schedules, provided advice on how to plan ahead and tips on what to do in a medical emergency.

From rebates for your CME and liability insurance, to payments while you are isolating or on parental leave, Doctors Manitoba offers several benefit and rebate programs for physicians, which we've negotiated for you with the provincial government. This year, we processed 7090 applications for our six benefit programs and paid out over $20 million to members.

→ Reminder: there is still time to submit your claims for your 2021 continuing medical education expenses (apply here). Applications for your 2022 expenses rebate will open in the new year. 

We will be introducing better online application forms in the new year through our Member Portal, including the ability to enroll in direct deposit. This will provide faster and more convenient payments. Stay tuned!

Our new Member Portal was launched this fall, offering a secure members-only area. As a start, this can be used by members to log in, update their personal information and renew their membership. In the next few months, we will be adding new features to help you manage your benefits and insurance, on your schedule. Stay tuned for updates!

You can take our 2-minute video tour to learn more about the Portal and what's coming soon!

One of the most popular sections on our website is our practice opportunities listing. There were nearly 200 opportunities posted this year, and collectively they received 17,661 views. What we don't know is how many of these opportunities were filled. We have a massive physician shortage in Manitoba, something Doctors Manitoba is pressing for action on through our advocacy and negotiations with government. 

Remember, anyone can submit a practice opportunity for free!

 New Resource: We created a new Guide for Retirement or Practice Closure. It's already been downloaded nearly 300 times with positive reviews since we published this past fall. This guide is forward thinking, helping you to plan early for your transition to retirement. Take a look!

Over 2,500 members obtain insurance through Doctors Manitoba. Because our insurance options are offered on a not-for-profit basis, these programs saved members over $1 million this year alone.

Right now, you can enroll in a new dental plan we introduced this year, and you can enroll in our extended health package with coverage for prescription drugs, glasses, paramedical services, and travel health. We have extended the deadline to January 6.

Learn more and apply for dental coverage

Learn more and apply for extended health coverage

We have seen growing interest in our physician health resources and programs. From psychological support to physical wellness, we’re here to help you get the same exceptional care that you give your patients, as well as professional support such as mentorship and access to exclusive resources.

This year, we have added a new resource and you can still participate! The CBTm workshops are available to physicians and medical learners to focus on cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness.

→ Learn more and register for CBTm sessions beginning in January!

 Reminder: The phone number has changed for our Physician and Family Support Program, open to all members including medical learners and members of their household. You can now contact 1-844-433-DRMB (1-844-433-3762) anytime, 24/7, for a range of support and assistance. Calling this number will also help you self-refer for assistance through Physicians at Risk and MD Care.

Our events page posts events and learning opportunities for members. This year, we had over 150 events posted. The most frequently viewed included our Awards Gala event last May and our participation in the Winnipeg Pride Parade.

Watch for events in our weekly newsletter, or check out our events page. If you have an event to list, contact us at [email protected].

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