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2022 Webinar Highlights

Navigating the Post-Roe World: A Special Session with Employee Benefits and Employment Experts from Epstein Becker Green

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Prevention and Support for Substance Use Struggles

Stress and burnout continue to take their toll on employees and families during the pandemic, and misuse of alcohol and drugs is on the rise. How can we help mitigate these risks, especially when many employees are at home or in a dramatically changed workplace environment? What support can we offer for family members struggling with substance use issues?

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Software to Treat Disease: Prescription Digital Therapeutics

It’s a new era for digital health. Evidence-based therapeutics driven by high-quality software programs show promise for conditions ranging from substance use disorders and multiple sclerosis to chronic insomnia.

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Financial Wellness, Mental Health and Economic Uncertainty: How Employers Can Help 

Anxiety, stress and depression are common among people experiencing money issues. Financial wellness, on the other hand, can contribute to better mental health and overall well-being.

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2022 Digital Guides and Tools

Creating a Vaccination-Friendly Culture: What Employers Can Do

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This guide outlines steps employers can take to support employees and their families in getting vaccinated, promoting vaccines, communicating the importance of vaccination as essential to good health and well-being, and increasing vaccination rates in employee populations and beyond.

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Social Determinants of Health: A Guide for Employers

There is a growing awareness among employers that factors like where employees live, what food they have access to and whom they’re caring for—in addition to how much money they make- have a significant impact on how healthy they are.

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View the accompanying webinar, Social Determinants and Your Employees: What You Can Do to Help

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Racial Health Equity: Make Sure ALL Employees Have Access to Best Practice Obesity and Diabetes Treatment

BIPOC employees are disproportionately affected by obesity and diabetes, and poor outcomes resulting from these diseases. Find out what you need to know – and the actions you can take. 

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Well Gauge

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Gauge how well your organization is doing in creating a culture of mental wellness – critical to supporting employees’ health, well-being and workplace satisfaction..


Tele-behavioral Health

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What have we learned about utilization, outcomes and employee satisfaction? How will regulations, plan coverage and industry developments support – or create obstacles for – tele-behavioral health now and in the future? Check out this webinar to find out and learn more!


Employer Checklist for Tele-behavioral Health - A checklist for employers to use as a guide in preparing to speak with health plans, benefit consultants and vendors to discuss data---from utilization and cost data to claims and participation rates.

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Benefits of Tele-behavioral Health -

Communication tips for employers to include in their materials on the benefits of virtual care.

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Dr. Mark’s Checklist for Combating the Triple Threat: COVID, Flu and RSV

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