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2023 Top of the Year Report

2023 is the year of Redemption and Resurrection

Welcome to 2023 -

Your Year of Redemption and Resurrection -


May you and your Household be

Blessed, Safe, Fruitful, and Fulfilled

Acts 16:31 - Promise of household salvation

Virtual Church Media -

2023 Top of the Year Report

Joanna and I want to update you on our

Virtual Church Plans for 2023

But first, a power-packed 2022 Recap.

Your prayers and financial support helped accomplish the following:


For details, we included video links in blue-green below.

*1,000 Bibles sent to Prisoners in 2022

*The Annual Volunteer Christmas Card Program was completed

*15,000 more souls saved in Eathly Village Nigeria

*We purchased four acres of land in Eathly Village.

*The Water Well is complete and feeding the village

*10 Tons of Sand arrived in Eathly Village

*15,000 cement blocks arrived on the four acres in Eathly Village

*We are building a ministry center in Eathly Village in 2023

*See the Welcome Gate of the Eathly Village Ministry Center

Virtual Church Ministry Center in Lagos, Nigeria

*We are currently under contract to purchase a $50,000 residence (valued at more than $100,000) in Lagos, Nigeria, for our evangelist, Israel Aggrey.

This three-bedroom house will be utilized as a ministry center for Virtual Church Media and Israel Aggrey Ministries. In 2023 we will launch on-location meetings, a guest room for our supporters traveling to Nigeria, food storage, crusade equipment, and a prayer center for weekly prayer broadcasts for the real-time healing of our partners and friends.

A Facility provides Stability to release Ability.

Will you join us on this project?


Lagos Ministry Center Purchase

We placed a $15,000 down payment on this property today and will complete the remaining $30,000 payment on this time-sensitive project with the help of our supporters by the end of January 2023.

For more info or to donate please contact


Using AI technology, we were able to translate our first video

into three languages for Virtual Church Media.

Click on the links to experience how the Holy Spirit uses technology.

Mandarin Chinese 

Mandarin is spoken by 15% of the world's population.


Spanish is spoken by 8% of the world's population.


Hebrew is spoken by 53% of Israel's population.

Audiobook Publishing


Many have been requesting David's teaching books in audio format. So, we took action. Three of our most requested teachings are now available.

Click the Blue-green links to listen from your computer or mobile device.

1.   Hope Deferred Make the Heart Sick

2.   No One Goes to Hell by Accident.

3.   Hearing God 25 Different Ways.


Upon further funding support this quarter,

we are scheduled to publish three additional audiobooks

1.   What the Bible Really Says about Tongues

2.   God’s Purposes for Dreams and Visions

3.   Dealing with Demons

Support Audiobooks

One of our 2023 goals is to offer these audiobooks to the prisons

for inmates in facilities across the nation. As you may know, our

sister ministry, Heart of America Prison Ministries, has a presence

in 1500 facilities.

We believe audiobooks are one of the technology tools Heaven has

given us to help set the captives free and equip listeners for their callings, and to win others to Jesus.

To read David's original Tree of Books vision God gave him

in 1990 download a complimentary copy


David's Jet Ride to Hell Book continues to impact lives in 1500 prisons

(Approximately 300,000 prisoners have read this book)

Six of David's additional books are on electronic tablets in 150 prisons

(Approximately 100,000 prisoners have access to these books)

David's Jet Ride Audiobook in 2023

David will be the voice for the Jet Ride to Hell audiobook.

We have ordered state-of-the-art audiobook recording equipment

for this and future audio projects. We welcome your support.

The Jet Ride audiobook should be complete by May 2023.


A powerful Sid Roth teaching broadcast aired with David & Joanna on

It's Supernatural and entitled, It reached more

than 500,000 viewers. After watching this video, emails from those giving their personal

healing or miracle testimony come weekly.

Several people report how they used this simple Biblical teaching to

help others encounter Jesus with miraculous results and visitations, healing, freedom from fear, anxiety, and deliverance with the King.

To learn more, watch

TV Broadcasts in 2023

In 2023 we've been invited onto two TV Platforms.

These platforms are paying our full distribution costs.

We will keep you posted as these weekly programs become available.

Wednesday Night in person services

and live Broadcasts in 2023


Our weekly Wednesday night in-person fellowship and broadcast

are watched live. These are also available "on demand from the palm of the hand" through our social media platforms; podcast channel, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Joanna's new Women's Podcast

Reveal the Diamond Within


Joanna's new women's podcast is launched through Charisma Media

Check out Reveal The Diamond Within

Joanna is almost finished with her powerful new women’s book.

Stay tuned for this one!


David received his Doctorate in Theology on October 29, 2022.

Joanna completed her extended reign as Ms. America the same day.

Book David & Joanna to Speak 

We are free to speak and travel

and are prepared to fulfill God's mandate for 2023!


We are excited about what God has planned for your life and the world Jesus died to save!


Thank you for your continued support


God Bless,


David & Joanna Hairabedian


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Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick - Audiobook

No One Goes to Hell by Accident - Audiobook

Hearing God 25 Biblical Ways - Audiobook


Dr. David Hairabedian received his Doctor of Theology on October 29, 2022 from Primus University, Glendale, AZ. David is currently working with his team to complete a teaching curriculum for our new online school

Joanna Hairabedian is the host of Reveal the Diamond Within Podcast

Weekly you will encounter Thought-provoking interviews, inspiring stories, & practical applications to help you shine like a diamond within.

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